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Thursday, August 11, 2016

On a Robin Williams Quote 08 11 2016

Robin Williams

“You're only given a little spark of madness and if you lose that, you're nothing.” Robin Williams quoted by the Milwaukee Journal.

A little deceptive! For those of us who truly have heard mad voices screeching at us know that isn't true!

And how does one lose that spark?

  1. He put his out with drink didn't he! He drank his spark away. So if you use drugs you lose any spark that you were born with?
  2. Can your spark be taken from you? Is it something that can really be possessed by other people? Perhaps your spark is indeed integral to the energy encoded in your DNA and people may use it for a while while they put you on pysch meds but eventually it will kill them from cancer; because it is not compatible with their DNA.
  3. How were you given that spark determines how you lose it! Were you born with it or was it indeed a gift from the Holy Spirit? If your spark was a gift from the Holy Spirit of someone who was born with it then it isn't yours! So in that case you need to develop a support mechanism of independent thought and cognition so that you do not miss a brain development stage and can think for yourself, rather than relying on someone elses soul being with you.

Those voices test your mind over and over again! Wanting to shape it, cajole it, take from it. What does the Bible have to say about that? The Bible states that the word of God is tested 7 times over! What does that mean? The Seven headed Hydra from the Bible is formed from Seven Demonic indivuals. How do those 7 group up? The book of Mathew tells us, “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend.” So one demonic illegitamate child who was born to fetal alcohol syndrome with a deformed brain and no outward physical signs experiences a spark from the Holy Spirit of man and decides to curse it and loses. The Bible tells us that spirit roams about for a while and joins up with six friends? To form the Hydra?

The Satanic minded want your mind to be pure as God's is. But it can never be that way because you are human and have sexual desires. Those sexual desires will always conflict with how a retard would view what your mind should be. So it is a failed concept of a hidden religion to believe that your human mind should be the equivalent of a pure Gods. And that doesn't give the living born failures the right to zombify your mind with drugs because of it.

Can I tell you how to retrieve the soul that Coven stole from you? Never intentionally part with your Holy Spirit, never ejaculate or masterbate. Also then do strenous weight lifting exercises (exorcises!!) in conjunction with that. It returns to you where it belongs! However you will still be cursed and disabled because those who stole it are miserable and always will be.

But what does Robin describe as madness? What is madness to him might be something completely understandable to someone who was born without a brain defect. It might indeed by the way the normal human brain works in synthesis. Let me try and explain synthesis. It is based on your knowledge and experience. It is you knowing that you can reach a certain conclusion without having to list out the half dozen or so valid premises that form it. You already know because your mind can think a lot faster than that! This isn't a direct analogy but you are running down the football field to catch a ball. You don't need to first get out a pen and paper and determine how fast you need to run to catch it per the distance it is flying. You don't need to have a speedometer on your person to make sure you are going that fast when you are running either. The same thing is true with normal human thought!

So what happens when someone who might have been born with a gap in their brain filled with cerebral spinal fluid instead of brain matter experiences a vision or imprint from the Holy Spirit of a normal human being? They get a walla moment. They don't have all the parts to it, so it will eventually fade. And depending on how much potential they have they can either 1. Recateragorize constructs in their mind so that they learn from it so that will lead to independent thought. 2. Develop your own interests and transitional learning. Not seeking to be something or someone that you are not! Know that because you experienced the Holy Spirit that you are compatible with being human. Also seek conditions to occur in the world where there are no people born with mental brain birth defects.

  1. Attempt to curse the h3ll out of the source of the human soul. And Jesus, the God of Christian religions commented on this too! Not a direct quote but close, “You can condemn me all you want but if you condemn the Holy Spirit you are going to hell!” However when you do this you will be draining yourself of what little energy you have or what little potential for spark that you have and are likely therefore headed for illness? This might be called the spoil sport option? “I am not normal so no one else in the world is allowed to be so either!?” Give them all toxic drugs and vaccines. Confuse everyone as best you can... Make people work very hard while you harrass them. Never be accountable for anything that you do in this world. Which is what we would think should be required by men as a right to passage to manhood? When someone is smarter than you declare it isn't for the right reasons or their thinking is flawed because of a emotional resentment you have of them? Create a whole facade the world over where you can look at the evolved human being and convince them that the voices they are experiencing are really themselves cursing themselves because they hate themselves. And by the way I have to give you this drug because you hate yourself.

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