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Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't have a penny to my name but I say something that causes you to lose a Billion Dollars 08 29 2016

I don't have a penny to my name but I say something that causes you to lose a Billion Dollars  08 29 2016

Isn't there a little bit of logic implied there that I have the ability to make a Billion Dollars myself?  Why?  Because I said something that caused you to lose a Billion Dollars?  And what I said was TRUE! 

What I said was TRUE and it caused you to lose a Billion Dollars?  Doesn't that mean there is something untruthful about how you got your Billion Dollars?

"Don't let that person speak at all because if he does you will lose money?"  "In fact cut out his tongue!"  That is stone age mentality isn't it?  Should those of stone age mentality be allowed to control money of the level of great power?  No!

But what if more than one person colludes to lie together to cause you to lose a billion dollars?    What is that? That is those of the Stone Age mentality "formed a group!"  They might even call the "shrewdness" group its own religion because it is its own belief system!  Victimize the intelligent so you look smarter than they do?  And that is exactly what Schizophrenia is!

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from either 2001 or 2010 "Space Odyssey"  A hairy monkey see's a smarter monkey using a hand tool.  He takes it from him by force.  He does not take it to use himself.  But instead immediately uses it to beat the smarter monkey to death with.  Then he discards the tool.  And perhaps it was a bone being used as a tool, irrelevant. 

Figure out a human being is smarter than you and place them on psychiatric medicine so that they can't use their own higher mind.  That would be the practice of lower worlders?  They titled this the New World for a reason.  Seems to me a lot of lower worlders caught up with us here and don't belong here!

If you hear voices can you also hear or experience the chimpanzee like confusion that person demonically possessing you by voices experiences.  When you hear voices you are indeed experiencing the horror a mentally retarded person experiences and lives with every moment of their life.  Does it not feel like the gestalt of a screeching chimpanzee to you?  Isn't that what the emotion feels like to you too?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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So you and a cabal took the family surname shield of some man and used it as your own.  A woman then believes she is marrying someone that she isn't?

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