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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Bad Kid in Shop Class 08 27 2016

The Bad Kid in Shop Class

The first thing he will do is pickup a tool and pretend or actually use it as a weapon against one of the other students.

And what is this an expression of? His anxiety for not being able to use tools like the other children because his father didn't teach him? Or perhaps that is the only thing his father taught him and it is his way of claiming ownership of the skill?

But what happened then?

You can't get a teacher to teach a classroom full of kids shop skills because it is futile! So Donald Trumps idealism of American Manufacturing is a pipe dream! Why because you have to be responsible in more than just one channeled way to work in a factory and respect the rights of the other workers! But what do we do when Employers don't even have that level of responsibility to the health and safety of their very own workers?

And what do they teach kids who can not listen and learn? They teach them to be someone else entirely! So anything dangerous like a tool that kid only has to consider that he is acting with, no matter what he does with it? Life is just a game of pretend?

So you go North to West Bend Wisconsin and you sit in hamburger joint and you see that the High School has a Skeet Team! Skeet is shooting flying orange clay targets with a shotgun, for those who are willfully ignorant and wouldn't look up something they don't know what is.

Could you imagine that today in Milwaukee High Schools or its suburbs?

“Let's go shoot skeet.”

“Okay but lets have a joint first.”

But that same bad shop kid class will behave that same way all throughout other classes as well as adult life. Pretend he or she is really acting.

I want to make a comment about 4 girls on the U.S. Womens Olympic Basketball Team being Lesbians. And it is this. Did the other little girls find them to be snotty, mean and aggressive during school? Did they consider them to have faces like gents? So the Catholic Church was very involved in athletic programs throughout the United States? They also promote the leading cause of genetic disorders in the Western Hemisphere Alcohol, at every mass.

I am not saying I don't like Lesbians. What I don't like is hearing the odd voices of aggressive and mean women cursing my human skull! Who would? Probably those who can't listen and learn make it a way of life to victimize human beings so that they curse you and you therefore become part of their cognition.

So why would Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump want to be President for? And what is that really when we have a string of same family members that are given the nominations? It isn't a democracy!

But what is that kid? He is uncomfortable with himself because he can't learn hence he tries to influence the rest of the class through distraction so that they cannot learn either.

And what is Bernie Sanders Socialism?  It is where that bad kid never has to learn!  He just inherits the money and negligently controls workers and the human population.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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But when does tragedy occur?  What a man or women believes that they can also pretend or act like being a parent to be one!

I have to wonder if the actor feels a sense of gratification as if they actually accomplished the same thing that the person they are pretending to be did?  Which brings me to the next point.  Why should an actor who pretends to be something he isn't get paid more than the actually person he is portraying?  Just step back and look at that?

And what is the professional sports player pretending to be?  He is living life as if he is the most quick and strong kid in class, and they will always defer that is entertainment too.

What did the Romans think of Actors?  Very little!  They were considered to be Prostitutes that anyone could have sex with.  What would the Romans think of the actor Sylvester Stallone whose mother was of what geneology?

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