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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jamie is no longer with us 08 25 2016

Jamie is no longer with us  08 25 2016

So lets say that those who are not smart enough to attend college are forced to spend two years in the military learning discipline.

And during that time if one of them makes sexual advances towards other men or sexually molests them all that needs to quietly happen is that the Barracks supervisor announces in the morning, "Jamie is no longer with us."

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But seriously how many males become adults and can't wait to drink because they can't handle their own emotions?  I would have to say that alcohol creates exactly that type of dependency and addiction!  In many ways it creates the male who can't handle their own emotions.  From the inability to think clearly from it to being born mentally defective from fetal alcohol syndrome because of it.  And are the mentally defective emotionally disturbed?  Worse so than any among us!  Neurotic wine and whiskey rats!  "Mr. Winerat will be quartering himself in your house today."  "No the Constitution prohibits that."

Another way to look at the homeless problem is that they are created by a religious insurrection that believes in mental retardation.  I used to give the homeless the benefit of the doubt that they are good people victimized by the system.  But perhaps they belong in the same fracking hole as those who propagandize mental retardation through religious promotion of alcohol.

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