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Sunday, August 7, 2016

How Prison Homosexuals are Created 08 07 2016

How Prison Homosexuals are Created 08 07 2016

An English Banker in England rigs the LIBOR interest rate and you lose your home in the United States because of the mortgage crisis created by that fraud; you steal a loaf of bread in order to feed your family and end up in prison for it.

It is hot in there and if you sleep with sheets over you- you will likely succumb to heatstroke.

While in your bunk you find yourself dreaming of a blonde haired woman. You are having a wet dream. As you wake up you realize that your cellmate has his lips over the end of your penis and is “Catching your dreams.” Instead of being able to hold it in you just let it out and succumb to the pleasure.

Now a woman reading this probably doesn't think that is too bad. And that is why women should not even be allowed to vote much less run for President of the United States. Are there women who like the process of emasculating men; yes.

Had you been conscious while it was happening you would have been able to defend yourself. But your Holy Spirit is now temporarily gone, it was taken from you.

In retrospect you think that you should have grabbed the back of his curly hair and his chin, nose or facial cheek and quickly broke his neck.

If you kill that cellmate you are likely to never get out of prison.

There is no one to tell as the warden sneers at everyone who has the natural ability to read.

You feel sorry for that cell mate just like you would like for a bird with a broken wing or a woman born with a hairlip.

Just like a person labeled schizophrenic can hear the voices of the demonic cursing him or her for every natural thought that they have this cell mate knows what your natural thoughts are too because he is mentally defective/=satanic...just like the English Banker above who rigged the mortgage crisis!

It turns out that prison cell mate could hear you thinking and see what you are thinking in his minds eye. In effect he was also feeding those dreams of women into your imagination. Why or how? Because he could not form his own conscience due to a birth defect related to alcohol causing mental retardation known as fetal alcohol syndrome. He has none of the physical signs of it, no facial geometry abnormalities with regard to eye measurements. But what he does have is a symptom of a related if not the same defect entirely Cerebral Palsy. His hips pronate inward and forward as he walks. In effect it naturally lifts the cheeks of his butt up like how a burlesque woman walks! He also has a lisp from an overgrown lower jaw.

When you are fully awake you tell him to never do that again. However it does happen again. And you would want a cell transfer but the prospects of that happening are not very good and you are likely to get a worse cell mate.

So you go along with having your cock sucked. You rationalize you are not really gay. Then one morning you wake up with a penis in your anus. And it isn't too long after that that you are one of the gay prison population?

“Where did you learn to get your second sight like that?”

“It was taught to me in special education class.” That or he tells you that his momma had second sight and she taught him it too.

So as you read this how do you prevent that person who stole the loaf of bread from being victimized? Do you come to the same conclusion as I did with regard to what the Bible has to say about it? “If one man is caught laying with another man they both are to be killed?” How does a man interpret that? A man would interpret that as meaning I better kill that homosexual because if I don't I will be killed too, right after that first incident above? But again if you do that you will never get out of prison even though that is exactly what is implied in the Bible!

So how many Priests have that cerebral palsy (CP)   inward pronating walk? I would assert the greater majority of them do! And perhaps that is why they are required to wear that long dress at mass? So that nobody notices how “Sally walks?” Bottom line is the mentally defective who have no physical signs of Downs Syndrome from alcohol are everywhere! The brain is abnormal but you would never know it because they compensate for it with high verbal ability that they learned from listening to the interplay of a coven of them demonizing and cursing the mind of a normal human being and creating schizophrenia. They have no shame either because that part of their brain is damaged. And that is indeed the equivocation between the mentally retarded and the criminal minded!

We don't quite know the reason but the female human skull does not grow as large as the males does and because of that the female brain is “wired” differently. Whereas the male brain is allowed to expand naturally and develop into a full cranium.

Can I tell you what all of the above have in common when they become successful? It is estrangement! Which means deferring from the original possessor. The original possessor means the person whose mind was tormented by voices for the local and sometimes broader benefit of the mentally defective. Deferring from the original possessor means that you can't really think for yourself, instead you attempt to put together bits and fragments of things and then assert that they are sound premises and logic. Witness Hillary Clinton attempt defend herself in the Benghazi hearings and just stonewalling the whole process?

The 21st Amendment that repealed Prohibition and therefore created all the freaks we see today is one of the most horrific things that has ever happened in United States history!

Only a monster of a person would put you in the same prison as a homosexual is in and it should be illegal to do so.

So what if all that Homeland Security technology that was used to surveil United States Citizens was used to affirm due process with the conviction of those engaging in homosexual acts? I mean rather than the homosexuals being allowed to use that technology to torment normal United States men and cause schizophrenia it was instead used to vet out the homosexuals from our society? By default anyone who is watching you all day long via the use of that technology and commenting to you, cursing you while doing so is of homosexual genealogy. And it is the worst violation of human rights in history!

So Barrack Obama writes a poem about how his grandfather sodomized him and he sodomized his grandfather in a game of fun? Donald Trump is sent away to what I call a Lord of the Flies military boarding school and not raised by his own father. Haven't we had enough of this?

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