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Monday, August 22, 2016

Can MSG Mono Sodium Glutamate cause Autism? 08 22 2016

Interestingly enough "Stylized behaviors or movements" are a characteristic of autism.  Source number 8 at the link below.

Okay, I thought that "Napoleon Dynamite" was a very funny movie!  Should I now feel guilty because the way he drank water was a stylized movement or behavior?  No!  I still think it is funny!

How many people do you know have stylized behaviors?

One person that I worked for had 3 characteristics of Cerebral Palsy and now that I think of it, two stylized behaviors or movements.

Point 8 at the link declares it is caused by genetics and also "ENVIRONMENTAL INJURY OR TOXIN."

Point 1 declares that it can cause insomnia.  So put two and two together and tell me what good insomnia does a developing fetus or child?  That makes MSG the equivalent of an Environmental Toxin.

We know that sleep deprivation can cause mental illness in adults.  And if you are deprived of sleep for 1.5 years you will most likely will die.  I didn't sleep for one year while working in Chicago.  But what about a fetus that is in the womb for 9 months?  How does that MSG affect development?  How long after the mother eats Chinese food with MSG in it will it be in her metabolism or permanently alter the babies.

Did you ever watch a Chinese Chef?  He has a bowl full of MSG he adds to the stir fry.  And when he reaches for the measuring spoons he looks to see who the Customer is first?

So China was controlled by Britain through Financial Center Hong Kong until recently?  Bush was Ambassador to China.

Declared Chemical Industry "Professionals" exhibit symptoms of both Cerebral Palsy as well as Autism.  It really doesn't help us does it.

So Whitefish Bay where I live is the headquarters for Special Education of Milwaukee County.  And I hear the cursing voices of retards in my head for some reason as an adult? 

Bottom line.  What do you think employers are going to say to people who grew up in Whitefish Bay WI?  Will they take one look at the resume and toss figuring out that person likely has Autism or Cerebral Palsy or Down's Syndrome?

It won't look good on a resume to say you were from Whitefish Bay anymore?


A concluding point.  People with autism are often nervous and anxious and have trouble learning??  And what is that exactly like?  A person who doesn't get enough sleep.  But to the point a person whose brain has been permanently altered so that it is like they don't get enough sleep.

I am going to tell you right away because of the above I don't like Oriental's in the Police Force or Military.  I don't feel I need to explain why as it is implied from the above.

I can only say the following prayer because I know our elected officials have failed us; Please God help us!

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And you know what I want to ask already, "What U.S. or foreign chemical companies produce it!"

Some is made in New Jersey.


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