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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

He Will Have His Own Church- Religious Kings what does it mean 09 10 2013

He Will Have His Own Church- Religious Kings what does it mean 09 10 2013
The way that you solve the world’s problems rather quickly is that all schizophrenics that have some form of school of thought become labeled “religious kings” of the respective church or Jewish Federation.
A leader of a school of thought?
A school of thought without a recognized leader? 
Both of those terms are unrecognized today!
A school of thought needs to recognize its true leader so that the school of thought does not go astray!
An unrecognized school of thought leader is at the center of Judea Christian religion and such leader likely has natural members of his/her school of thought all over the world!  They think like he/she does!
The horror of the creation of one is that on one side there are minds deprived of a natural leader because of alcohols (and other drugs today) influence on conception and brain development of the hippocampus!  These individuals are juxtaposed against a singular human being that did not have that developmental disability!  The bad fruit rotting the good!  They are juxtaposed against the one because of alcohol, sloth, pampered life and inability to parent, desperation or poverty of thought, biological reasons etc!!!
You should be greatly ashamed of yourself!!!  The body forms a hard skull to protect the human brain and what did you do?  You found a poison to go right to the center of it and harm it!
It is a Con (with) Federate concept and it has been since the reign of Judah!  And why was it done to us human beings as a group?  Because a female wanted power over both men and people and she did not have the responsible mind to be in power so she poisoned or was unaware and therefore complacent with poisoning the “masses!”  And I do not blame a female for standing up and assuming power when all the males that are born are indeed mentally retarded!  More power to her!  By she herself was not able to identify the cause of enjoyed the power over the poisoned masses!  It is either one of those and I am giving you a way out because I know that you are highly envious of the analytical left side of real men’s brains!  And that leads me to believe that you willfully poisoned humanity!
She was so jealous of the sons of men that she had all of them poisoned!  And this is why some branches of religion can trace their origins to just one or a few women!
If you don’t believe me show one who you suspect of being of this dependent minded archetype some of your accomplishments that you made with your own two hands and watch her cry, out of spite and jealousy!  You can even film her or her brood son’s facial and verbal reactions and study it!  The resentment is real!
The archetype of the jealous dependent minded have caused every conflict, war, horror, H311 in the history of the world!
She is so jealous of the sons of men that she would attempt to push their human souls out of the ear holes!!!
No human being on earth should ever have to endure a coven of monkey women chanting to them!
You might as well be living in a fantasy world where the play your favorite music on the way in!  Where did Walt Disney get that idea from?  ~The theme of every one of those dreaded cartoons is Satan versus man in one form or another.

He will have his own church continued.

Amusement park them as to then shake the living daylights out of you!
Don’t believe me when I tell you about the prevalence of the archetype of the bad woman in our society today???  Ask yourself what type of woman would believe in marrying a man that owned human slaved in the south (Confederate South.)  If you can’t understand what type of woman would be complacent with men like that welcome to my school of thought.   At that time in history that woman had to have been a beast of a woman!!! My mother was not that way!  I would like to believe that women have no choice in being that way and they are born that way because of mental retardation related to alcohols influence on brain development.  But with the prevalence of the bad woman what it is today I can’t say that is true.  Now fast forward from your Confederate South to today and ask how she would care if her husband, a corporate executive, mistreated employees?  What types of mistreatment are prevalent?  Earned pensions denied at retirement, workplace injuries, non-living wages, and human beings driven from their minds by this evil brood, exorbitant salaries granted to select members of public companies. Etc, Etc, Etc,

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