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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are Weapons of cell MASS DESTRUCTION being used on you and your family? 09 05 2013

Are Weapons of cell MASS DESTRUCTION being used on you and your family? 09 05 2013

They exist and the article below tells what they are and how they were attempted to be used on Barrack Obama and how the FBI arrested those involved.

This is what was used to kill my father and also make my household sick.

I know exactly where it is or was located.

And I even know what it looks like.

This is a different race of people that would do this to human beings.  Their motivation is savage greed and also to experience what it means to be a human being.  They are not human and never were, and the reason likely being a hippocampus that was defective at conception and in the womb development.

Do you know someone that was very healthy and then became very sick for no reason?  Did a loved one of yours die very quickly with no explanation?  Did someone you know have a personality change?  Have you found yourself having "ideation's" that are not consistent with your belief systems?  If any of these are true you have likely been targeted from a distance with these weapons.

Do you know that what doctors used to say about schizophrenics is that they look younger than other people, that their eyes have a spark or more life to them?  Think of the issue as a degree of being human and at the bottom of that degree of being human is the baby that was exposed to alcohol or tobacco (other poison) in the womb.  What is on the other end of that spectrum.

Take a look.

So ask yourself who would diagnose someone as having a sickness because they look younger and their eyes are brighter?  Now ask yourself how someone who is less than that would loathe that person.

Israel and Judah were not one country region like they are today.  Jesus was from Israel.  Judah was from Judah and the source of the Jewish religion.  The Bible is pretty clear to that the upper nation of Israel was concurred by the wine drinking tribe of Judah.  What do we know about alcohol?  Even just a little amount can negatively impact the hippocampus of the brain and cause irreversible damage while it is developing in the womb.

You might go into a restaurant in Madison and see a sticker on the door in the bathroom that say's we are the 98 %.  What does it mean?

The incidence of human beings being labeled schizophrenia used to be just 1%.  Now it is 2%.  The number is on the rise!  But the statistic that is even more telling is that autism is on the rise at a greater pace.  Autism can be thought to be the politically correct modern day and age term for mental retardation.  If you don't believe me just ask an autistic person what their great skill is that no-one else has?  They don't have one!  The use of the term to apply to them is medical fraud!

I can tell you that women are getting a lot smarter today about having children.  Sure some will still drink a beer while they are pregnant just to defy those who would tell them that they can't.  But that number of people labeled schizophrenics in our society will be growing as more and more children will be born without that birth defect of autism related to alcohol.  And what does that mean?  It means no mother is going to want their healthy and normal child to have to put up with those retarded children.  And I mean no Judah mother is going to put up with that bad kid terrorizing their own!!!  So you are going to see a great shift in our society!

We already know that the mentally retarded at birth are prone to acting on impulse.  That really means that they are prone to acts of violence!  You could do a brain scan of every person convicted of violence against normal children and you would find out that they have a defective hippocampus.  We will be able to determine just what area of it is effected the most and it will be the greatest diagnostic tool the human race ever had.

So when they target human beings with weapons of mass destruction what do they really want? Do you hear voices?  They are part of medical fraud. Voice to skull technology was invented two generations ago!!! Put some zinc oxide on one side of a cotton ball and put it in your left ear.  What will you notice?  The left side of a mans brain is the analytical side!  Men think with the left side of their brains!  The left side is ANALYTICAL!  To be a man means to be ANALYTICAL!  To be a man therefore means to be A GREAT THINKER!

And that is what they want!  They want to be men but cannot because their brains are damaged.  I was first targeted with this technology back in 1992 when I went to work as an Associate Analyst for First Analysis Corporation, the office was then located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower.

Being a man is not something that you can be by creating a white noise electromagnetic field that allows you to share and imprint your mind with a man.  That is not how one becomes a man.  Men first and foremost have to be born without defective brains!  That means that their parents cared enough for them and the process of having children that they did not use alcohol or other drugs!  That is a rarity!  Right?  Maybe 1% of the population might have been able to avoid using them 46 years ago when I was born?  I am talking about about a generation that came back from the war hooked on tar cigarettes and alcohol.  And today the satanic world order has the world staged to get soldiers hooked on heroin.  I asked my cousin if he used heroin in Viet Nam.  He told me, "We all did!"

People want to say that agent orange was a bad thing.  That all the birth defects it caused since are a crime!  I disagree!  They grew the poppy in Communist Vietnam!  One hit of that and you are hooked.  And what of the children of heroin addicts?  Same mental defect as fetal alcohol syndrome- a damaged hippocampus!

And the hippocampus is responsible for relating memories to ones thinking!  And that is what makes a Man a Man!  Why is the divorce rate so high?  A woman marries a beast who has the core center of his brain defective!  That hard skull forms around the brain of a human  being in order to protect it and the beast class defeats it in themselves and those that they do not like through the use of alcohol and drugs! They go right to the heart of the human brain and kill it!

What did Jesus Christ the Israelite say about those from Judah?  "They know not what they do!"
What did the Judah San Hedrin with their wine presses say about Jesus Christ?  "He knows what we do!"  Jesus Christ knew the subtle difference between someone with a healthy normal hippocampus and someone that didn't have one.

So when Barrack Obama talks about the 98% who is he talking about?  Those who were born with defective hippocampus's.  It is the greatest unrecognized epidemic in human HISTORY!

It is also the source of all violence in our world!  And violence can take very subtle and undetectable forms.  Like the fully functioning weapon of mass destruction those two individuals used to plot to kill Barrack Obama!  And it is implied that it was done by a General Electric Employee!  It is also said to emit radiation!  There is indeed a General Electric facility in Waukesha!  The ground water in Waukesha is contaminated with Radium.  Radium is highly radioactive!  Radium is used to make systems just like was used in the plot to kill Barrack Obama.

I can tell you exactly where that Cornucopia device was mounted!  It was or still is located in the rafters of the garage at the address of 1101 E. Fairmount Avenue in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.  Am I aware of what I have written?  My intention is indeed to create awareness.  There are likely more of these around today!  Any responsible function of our Government would develop detection equipment and give it to anyone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Because it is that type of weaponry that is used to cause it in the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.

These are termed Weapons of Mass destruction!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 09 05 2013 at:

Tell me if this one doesn't look like Lindsey Graham?

He is seen quite a bit on television with John  McCain and the head of home land security from Judah himself, Joe Lieberman.

Tell me if this one doesn't look like Joe Lieberman?

Joe as head of Homeland Security has access to the Highest Technology surveillance systems in the world.  They are also combined with systems of torture!  In order to discretely direct an energy based weapon of mass destruction first you have to be able to discretely target the subject, "The human!"

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