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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Germophobia is an Irresponsible Word 09 24 2013

Why Germophobia is an Irresponsible Word 09 24 2013

The concept of why is very simple and does not need too much of an essay to go along with it; I will just list the diseases caused by germs.

1. Ovarian cancer caused by the human papiloma virus.  (That is the virus that causes warts and we know that inedaquate hygeine causes one to become susecptible to it.  Wear dollar discount store sandles from a discount store in the locker room!  Never let your feet leave them!!!!  So a wart indeed causes cancerous growth.  Wait a minute how do they know that?  Because the wart in the vagina itself has to be the cancerous growth!!!!  Or rather they will tell you that warts cause a tissue trauma and when there is tissue trauma new cell regeneration in the area can be compromised or cancerous?  We know that repeated bruising can cause cancer.  And if it is not that the reason why the wart virus causes cancer they will tell you that it is because of some transcription factor or some tech language like that.  What it really means is that a virus was present in your body, viruses have the ability to modify DNA and therefore that factor created a weakness in your DNA...meaning the ability to link to your DNA was used by cancer to cause cancer????  The bottom line is that your DNA is being changed by the wart virus!  So it would be very irresponsible not to tell people that warts don't cause cancer or are cancer!!!  I really can't discern a meaningful difference in terms of how one should view their own personal human health.

2. Aids.  Homosexuals by and large...we are to believe that they practice sodomy.  What do we know about the anus?  It is chock full of E-coli and other germs!  So how was aids spread?  It just so happens that aides was one of those germs wasn't it!


These are just two examples of how the word Germophobia being used in public was irresponsible in that if people had been concerned about germs they would have been far less likely contracted those diseases.  And you could make the list a mile long.  Including the list of sexually transmitted diseases.  She looks hot but she is going to give you something horrible.  Can that something kill you?  I should have used the term "he looks strong and handsome" then I could segue back up to item #1 and say "He looked strong and handsome and after I slept with him I contracted vaginal warts and then ovarian cancer."  -And died.  But look what is happening there!!!  She is sleeping with that man who is of bum hygiene and that wart virus is directly attacking her ovaries and indeed giving her one of the fastest growing types of cancer their is.  Why is it faster?  Because reproductive organs have a faster cell division and regeneration rate.  Organs of you body that have a faster cell division and regeneration rate will also succumb to faster cancer growth in them.  The cancer piggybacks the cell division and regeneration rate!!!!

Was the word germophobia used to malign those who express concern for a clean environment?  Absolutely!  Do you see the direction the masses are pointed to?  The word Germophobia should have never been used on television, the newspaper or the radio.  But it was.  Why?  Because it appeals to those who believe in or are capable of nothing other than irresponsible behavior.  All well and good but when it reaches my doorstep you are in for trouble!  In other words you do not have the right to preach irresponsible behavior to the masses, the result being that the end product of your marketing leads to my family becoming sick!  And that irresponsible propaganda is so thick that most people today cannot avoid having their health negatively impacted by it!!!  It is very hard to wade through.  What am I getting at?  We need to clean slate our television, newspaper and radio personalities so that this doesn't happen!  And how do we determine that?  Read on and on hear and you will get it.

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PS. With homosexuals being the main carriers and spreaders of the deadly aides virus is the word Homophobia also an irresponsible word to use? 

Off topic.  I would like to know if Professional Boxers are routinely tested for steroids.  Same goes for those wired up soccer players and even their psycho sideline parents!!!!  Doesn't that have a bit of poetry to it "Psycho sidelineD parents!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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