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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DeHinkling of the National Media 09 11 2013

DeHinkling of the National Media 09 11 2013

This country could be what it is supposed to be literally overnight if the “Hinkley’s” were removed from our national media.  They would have to be replaced by someone that is capable of debate, argument and discussion based on their own relevant and valid life’s experience and knowledge.
Of course we would need to let you know who they were.  That could be done very easily.  Just with an Internet list with the pictures and names and something like,

“These were the “Hinkley’s”.  They were very bad people.  They will no longer be speaking to you or writing to you.  They will no longer be influencing the American public.  They have agreed to not meddle with your lives again. They were replaced by capable human beings with our best interests at heart.”

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