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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Question of the day 09 26 2013

Question of the day 09 26 2013

What would the proper phrase be for two events in either world history or a criminal investigation, that we are told are only coincidental in hindsight.  When really the motivation for them was never really analyzed with modern day knowledge in the case of history or in the criminal investigation where made to seem unrelated when they were really not.  The only thing we know from scanning a time line initially is that they occurred at or about the same time.  We do not know if their were related parties or are not told of connections or networks that in reality did exist.

I am thinking of something catchy used to describe this like Conditions Proximate.  But that does not highlight the time factor.  It should be limited to two words.  Can't be something like, "The events (or actions) occurred at or about the same time."  Because that in and of itself is weak language.

I am thinking of it because we had the liquidation of the Stock Market in 1929, Social Security about the same time and also Prohibition.  It reads to me like we had a sickened workforce, the German Americans looted the Stock Market so that they could retire for the rest of their lives,  they would not be allowed to drink so money was needed for a war effort to serve as a distraction, and the Government saw what happened and knew it owed a duty to the American People in terms of Social Security!  Or rather the literal interpretation Securitization of society?  Or has it really become securitization of Socialism, Socialism being a war on the Middle Class?  The middle class were not Stock Market Insiders nor were they Milwaukee Beer Barons.

And again you have history according to Thomas Paul Murphy.   My Italian American High School History Professor looked at me with dark sunken eyes and wanted to give me an F.  Can you blame him, this is the exact same way that I thought back in ~1983.

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