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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Government Shutdow what should it really mean 09 30 2013

A Government Shutdown what should it really mean 09 30 2013

That if you do not want to support an elected President in Congress then you should stay home!  And just like in any business when you don't show up for work it is considered that you quit!  So if you want to support a Government shutdown in reality it means that you quit!  It means that you could not articulate your opinion in order to convince a majority of the American people!

Okay so what would happen if we were dominated by bad members in the House and Senate whereby a good man in the minority would seek to start a shutdown?  That good man in the minority should respectfully be given his opportunity to speak to the American Public.  He would not vote for a shutdown!

Why were you ever voted into public office when you would seek to shut down that position?  It is like being hired for a job and then voting that the job no longer should exist because you cannot do your job!  To shut down the Government because you can't get your way?

And one more point about this.  The rate of autism might be as high as one in 23 born today!  It costs $3.2 million over that child's lifetime to care for them.  I don't think I should have to pay for that in any way!  That number coupled with the rate of autism coupled with the unemployable work force that will be created coupled with these children not being able to serve in the military like their parents did in order to protect the United States can only lead to bankrupt and conquer of the United States.  Likely by whomever made the chemicals that cause autism.  That child will never be a brave and competent solder like his father or mother was, that is reality!

What is even more scary regarding the Military Industrial complex of the United States is that military personnel have a higher rate of autism than the regular population.  It might be due to vaccines taken in the military it might be due to exposure to radioactive materials such as depleted uranium.  But what threat do military personal have to the country?  Will their be bands of mentally retarded hunting human beings with military equipment in the future?  Is it happening today?

But we have to pay for this $3.2 million each because we are going to have to go all the way to bankrupting the country before the cause of the issue is addressed! But after we are bankrupted and starving from being bankrupt what happens then?  The issue of autism was not responsibly addressed as it should have been.  Responsible address would mean quarantine of all those children until the cause or cure is found!  That is how the U.S. responsibly addresses disease!

Would it be fair for me to say that autistic children are taught how to make responsible adults mentally ill?  One is a reality the other is medical fraud by the satanic with real symptoms to the human being victim!  The Republican Party was formed in response to both slavery and mental slavery.  Ask yourself who would nee to have a mental slave other than someone that is mentally defective themselves?

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