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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article Walker Endorses 3-state economic metroplex 09 29 2913

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article Walker Endorses 3-state economic metroplex 09 29 2913

Walker was hired to be Governor of Wisconsin not to make Wisconsin part of Illinois and Indiana!  He would have never been needed to be elected Governor of Wisconsin if what would be the Governor of Illinois ends up managing Wisconsin and Indiana too!

Scott walker obviously does not have his own mind!  Or at least his own man's mind!  He got in office, created civil unrest which is against the Constitution, and now believes Wisconsin should be part of Illinois and Indiana?  Sure and I know it is only as a business function in terms of the merging but that is an extremely bad precedent to start! 

This is unbelievable!

And someone traveled all the way to Paris France to bring this idea back to the United States?

Do you know what the jist of the reasoning is?  There is a lot of money traded in the Chicago Financial district!

Scott you can give Illinois all of our sick deer for starters!

Is this what was behind the proposal of Wisconsin to break away from the Union?  First it breaks away and then good ole Illinois has to come to our aide to help us?

Water technology listed as the reason?  Who are you kidding?  That technology and/ or rather the means or measures needed  so that the technology would not have to be used have been on the table for a very long time.  And they have never been implemented because it would cost too much and businesses could not remain viable!  What is it all about?  Had responsible people been hired in business and government all along it would never have become an issue today!!!!

So in order to agree on limiting water pollution Wisconsin has to become a part of Illinois?  Can we call that a very weak card player we  you hired as Governor!

What is great about Chicago that we need to bring to Wisconsin?  Absolutely nothing!

1. A river fenced off because it is full of Asian Carp.
2. Heroin being passed around and good sons and daughters hooked and killed!
3. Have you ever gone to Bradford Beach in the Summertime and seen all the White Trash with the Illionois license plates pouring in?
4. They will be buying up Wisconsin land by thousands of acres!
5. You get on I-43 or I-94 to go somewhere and it will end up costing you 10 dollars each way!  And that money will go straight to Illinois were the Satanic print it out from the souls of good sons and daughters!

You could have blindfolded a donkey spun him around and we would have better ideas for the people of Wisconsin.  We don't need sycophants to the wealthy in Government positions because it only erodes the value of our dollar, our intelligence and our standard of living!

What is even the consideration of such a proposal?  It is a great defeat for the people of Wisconsin!  A great defeat!

Any car with an Illinois plate coming into Wisconsin should have to pay $20 at the border!  Would that deter tourism in Wisconsin?  No!  But Iowa should implement the exact same measure, just in case!  Trust me, you won't want them there either!

So we have 150 clean water companies in Wisconsin and not the money or the balls to mandate their products into service?

Poaching of labor?

And good God, some scientific writers believe the true instance of Autism is now 1 in 3 children are born with it?

Chicago is noisy and smells!  It is drug and crime ridden! Wisconsin would be better off building a wall around Illinois so that no one could come or leave!

This is on par with my morning satire comment,
How the Milwaukee News Media Thinks 09 29 2013

"McCarthy has done such a great job coaching the Green Bay Packers that we should bring him in to head the Milwaukee School Board."

You don't incite civil unrest and then blame those whom you incited it in for the consequences!  That is not the nature of an true American! It is something that every parent is supposed to teach their child not to do! They believe children will grow out of it?  That is the old aphorism.  It isn't true!  You don't grow your way out of any bad behavior- you learn your way out of it!

Wisconsin had the opportunity to teach Illinois and Indiana and lead the country by example.  Apparently we you have elected a whee little man that cannot accept the Responsibility entrusted to him? And do you know what would happen in this day and age if you elected a responsible adult?  Whee little men like Scott Walker all throughout Wisconsin would fail to work with him out of resentment!!!  The resentment of having to take personal responsibility for your actions!!!  We ought to send every one of you to go live inside the great wall of China!

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