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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Humor of the day 09 17 2013

Humor of the day 09 17 2013

If an oven has six places to put the wrack how are you supposed to follow the directions when it say's place the item on the middle wrack?  You can't because the middle wrack is either the 3rd or 4th wrack.  And you would assume it would make a difference otherwise they would not have....

You get the idea.  I finally noticed what caused cognitive dissonance with me concerning that- there is no middle wrack.

So I am going to make the rule that I will use the 3rd wrack in this case.  3 out of 6 would sound like the middle wrack to some people.  But it isn't.  The middle wrack would be like wrack number four out of seven or wrack number 3 out of 5 total wrack spaces.  But in the case of using the 3rd wrack as the middle wrack the items on the wrack are indeed sitting in the middle of the oven or not?  To test this theory to prove or disprove it one would need to measure from the bottom of the oven cavity to the top and see what the center of that is.  I haven't done that and won't because I have a pizza in the oven on the middle wrack right now and if I did that right now I would be one of those persons that has an oven burn on the back of their hand or a burning tape measure to run out of the house quickly with.  And I am not going to to that because it would subvert the element of reasoning out the issue.

So if the 3rd wrack is not the middle wrack what wrack is it?  Assuming that we measure from the top of the bottom wrack up?  And we use that factor to determine what wrack it is?  In this case it would be the 1/3 wrack because you have two 1/6 spaces before you get to the third wrack.  But the gap space under the bottom wrack is indeed larger than that from the top of the oven cavity down to the top of the top shelf.  This often presents a problem because that top fixed distance often does not adequately accommodate all food sizes one would think would fit on the one top wrack to be broiled.  So indeed one often ends up broiling on the 2nd from the top wrack in order not to burn what one is broiling only to find out that broiling is not as effective on the 5th wrack because there is too much space between it and the top element.

I could hear someone out there already saying that the bottom wrack should have a larger gap from the bottom of the oven cavity to the bottom oven wrack than the top of the oven cavity does down to the top broiling wrack---the reason being because it is easier to burn on the bottom wrack.  Well that is only true because more people use the bottom heating element.  In terms of an actual real world cooking environment the top element has a better chance of burning food and causing a fire!

So what we are lead to believe with the reasoning concerning that is that the bottom wrack is for beginner cooks while the top wrack is for more professional orientated cooks.

And really there is not middle wrack in a six wrack oven.  The middle wrack might be where a 3.5 wrack would be placed, but before that determination was made one would have to apply reason to it as stated above.

So what is the invention needed?  You can not change the shelf brackets in an oven because they are fixed slots.  But you could create an oven wrack that was adjustable- so therefore you could use the broil feature more appropriately.  But why?  I hear the Maltese falcon complain.  Because one can cook faster and use less energy using the broiler or the top wrack.

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I passed the CPA exam in 1991.  And there were a lot of math calculations to be made during the exam.  The exam, at that time, was also 25% Business Law!

Are their 98% of the American population that owes a rebate to the 2% of us that hear voices in our heads?  You bet they do!  All that money we paid to educate 98% of the population was wasted!  They listen to the thoughts of the person that is made to hear voices in his head!  Not only that the two percent of us that hear the voices should get a rebate for every educational dollar that we ever spent!  No one promised you a human soul in the United States to get you through life!  That is not part of what we believe in in the United States!  That is bad religion being imposed on citizens of the United States!  And I mean BAD!  We educate people so that they are dependent minded and responsible adults!  That 98% that listens to the thoughts of the demonized person does not conform to that principle!

Here is another interesting fact.  The divorce rate is 80% in couples where one is a research analyst.  What is going on here?  They are figuring out that their mate really can't think for themselves!!!!  I was a research analyst.  Isn't that a shame that the smart people in the United States  cannot find compatible long life mates.  Do you want to know what religion has the highest divorce rate?  You will have to do some digging to find it but it is out there, I know what it is but don't like to say too much.

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