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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Shape Shifter, Trading Places, The Bible and Satan 09 22 2013

The Shape Shifter, Trading Places, The Bible and Satan 09 22 2013

Does the Bible assert and support every conclusion I have made in my blog about the soulless and the theft of skills of people?  That is all the blessed Bible is about!  And here is what the core logic from the Bible is to prove this:

"To say that one is immaculately conceived is to deny they have the human soul from the father that sired them!  It is the exact equivalent."

There is more to this article than that.  But I do not have the time to type all these in.  If someone would like to have an unpaid internship to type articles into the WORD processor you can reach me at: IDGNR@WI.RR.Com.  Must be able to type 30 words per minute, read chicken scratch, believe in freedom, be 18 years old and some form of belief in a good God as well as the belief that Schizophrenia is a medical fraud committed by those who would seek to trade places with a human being in terms of their skills.

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Oh by the way the Shape Shifter is the term the native Americans gave to Satan.  There is also cultural significance in the motif imagery or rather gestalt imagery of the Dream Catcher!  A funny theme or derived image  from the movie of that same title  was the dream Stealer is a person that sits on toilet and someone that defies the dream stealer is one who can tie them up so that they can no longer find other victims of soul theft?  That is how the movie ends.  There is one man smart enough to neutralize the dream stealer.

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