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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home Furnace Tip 09 22 2013

Home Furnace Tip 09 22 2013

Has it become the first cold snap of the winter and your furnace is not working?  Before you call that guy to come out to the house.  Follow the procedure to access the batteries of the thermostat to your furnace and put fresh ones that you have on hand in it.

Ours is made by a major manufacturer and we have this problem the start of every winter.  Should their be a class action suit?

Sometimes the batteries that are in it are still good!  And all that is required is that you remove them and reinsert them!  But to determine that you need a battery tester!

What am I getting at?  The question is, is that thermostat designed so that you have to make a call to the furnace repairman on the first day that the temperature drops to below 50 or a preset number?

What do I base my logic on?  If that thermostat works 365 days out of the year but not on the first cold day it means basically that it is in working order and therefore that "Flaw" is designed into it!  It generates an easy service call for the technitian!

And you may have to wait about 20 seconds for the led display of that thermostat to come back on!  What am I getting at?  You will ask that question of the repairman, "Could the batteries just be bad?"

He will pull new ones out of a blister pack put them in quickly point the dead face of the thermostat at you and say no, it needs a new one.  Then he will proceed to sell you a whole new furnace.

It looks to me that a function similar to the sleep function on a computer screen has been engineered into the thermostat!  This is fraud on a large scale!

Even taking the old batteries out that are still good and reinserting them after any capacitor function has discharged, a few seconds, will bring the furnace back up and running.

It takes less than five minutes to change the batteries in your thermostat and as far as I am aware it is not contraindicated by your user manual; how could it be- most batteries will leak acid and ruin electronic devices completely if they are not regularly checked and replaced!!!!

Could the thermostat still be defective and you be at risk of freezing water pipes?  Yes.  But I doubt that is what is going on here.

When I was in college I worked at a Gas Station part time to pay my tuition for my Accounting and Finance degree from UW Milwaukee.  One day we had a woman come in with her car.  She had recently had it serviced at a local mom and pop station.  There was a whistling noise coming out of her tailpipe.  I examined it.  And got out a extra long needle nosed pliers and pulled out a device that someone shoved up in there!  It was a manufactured item designed to make the tailpipe whistle!  It was made out of sheet metal.  It was a conical shaped wedge with a reed like function to the center of it!  It was designed to create automotive fraud relating to the exhaust system so that the car owner would have to come back to the station.  Now let me describe this woman, she was attractive.  So you have a secondary motivation by the dirt ball!  And the key here is that she had her car just worked on.  That creates a stream of time to fraud.  Would a mechanic then proceed to replace all or some of the parts to that exhaust system with new? Likely yes.  Would the metal in those parts be as good?

Do you see the analogy I am making?

Now another point in fact.  Do you see why there are so many divorces today?  Just look at how someone who fraudulently presents themselves would seek to abuse a human woman.  There is a great difference among us.  And this is where the concept of equality ends in America, one could not have the ability to learn from their own memories because of a poisoned mind and still pass for being the equal of and to the rest of us; they are not!  Had the founding fathers known about this they might have slightly reworded that.  However if you think of the founding fathers as being those who would hang warlocks you can see that they understood this issue of equality!  A warlock/witch being someone that preys on the souls of human beings.  They also believed in only drinking alcohol in moderation.  We know today that alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation/autistic spectrum disorders in the United States because of the oxygen deprivation death it rapidly causes to the hippocampus area of the brain responsible for learning.  Transforming short term memories into long term is the basis of learning.  What else do they say about these spectrum disorder people?  They are aggressive and mean!  That irritability comes from the inability to think; the mind of the beast equivalent isn't it!  And what do they say about management of corporations; that is the exact skill that they need in order to succeed.  What has societies remedy been for those of this archetype?  Send them off to war with a foreign country to fight those from that country that are of the same beast mind.  But not all that end up in the army are of the beast mind!  Even though all world conflicts are propagated by the unrecognized instance of the beast mind in our society.

And that is your Sunday morning Homily written by the Reverent Thomas Paul Murphy!  Actually the use of the word Reverent is incorrect not everyone respects me for being truthful.  Would it be fair for me to label someone that does not like this kind of writing as having a bad personal motivation with regard to it?  Would it be fair for me to say that the use of the term Reverent is still correct because it is assumed to be applied by and used by human beings in interactive communication between one another and not by those who would defraud a great many of us of money and our lives?  When we use words we must assume we are communicating with human beings and not vengeful beasts wearing capes.

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