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Friday, September 6, 2013

Question of the day 09 06 2013

Question of the day 09 06 2013

"What is it that can't wait to start off every day of its life by being mean to human beings?"

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Do you take it for granted that people think you are human?  Sounds like an absurd question doesn't it?  But what if there were something that looks exactly like us and is genetically identical to us however every day it kills and eats the belly out of a human being for food?  Even though everyone would believe that to be human and no one could dare say that it isn't, it would not be human!

Why not?  Because it does not meet that standard of humanity.  What makes us human is not that we walk on two legs and have five fingers on each hand.  What makes us human is our human soul!

If there were a tribe of people that ate other people how can we consider them to be human?  What makes us human is that we are a standard above all of this.  But in fact we often learn that some of us are not of the human standard.  We hear stories of serial killers eating people.  For some reason that was never human or was changed so that it wasn't?  Which gets one to the next question what would seek to change a person so that they are no longer human?  There is indeed a passage in the Bible that refers to exactly that, "She wanted him to be less than human."

I think that people today take it for granted that other people consider them to be human!  And there are quite a bit of people that really don't care about that standard.  It is irrelevant to their daily lives.

Could it be that just 2% of the entire worlds population is human today?

And what would a responsible human do when confronted by those who would kill and eat the bellies of people every single day?  They couldn't stop doing it even though they were warned?  They took it for granted that they could do whatever they wanted and no one would consider that they are not human?

International law states that when a person commits what is considered to be a crime against humanity, and that is exactly what the above description is, that those guilty of it are executed.   So today is the second day of school.  A good lesson to try would be to list examples of what you might consider crimes against humanity to be?  Would you consider someone that poisoned another person so that they could not longer think as a human being to be an act considered a crime against humanity?  What if there were a race of people that held a ceremony every week and encouraged all women that attended to drink something that is a poison to the development of a fetus???  And they did everything possible to prevent human beings to know what they were up to?  So that is nine months while the woman is pregnant and she goes to that mass every week and as part of the ceremony drinks that.  9x4 that is 36 times she has poisoned her fetus.  Plus the fact that the natural state of her ova and the sperm of her husband was also poisoned before conception.  What would be the humane thing to do concerning that group of people?  What if that group of people wanted writers to write anything but what they could earn a living at writing?  What if that group of people found a way to demonically possess human beings to write bad things about them?  And the Puritans that gave the United States its former great basis in law believed in just that, people could be demonically possessed.  What did they do when they found out who the perpetrators of it were?  Something like what the horrific criminal Ariel Castro did to himself with his prison bed sheet!

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Originally published on 09 06 2013 at:

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