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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Profits of Judah in our Modern World 09 02 2013

The Profits of Judah in our Modern World 09 02 2013
How do you really make money?  Having the general taxpayer fund the liability for the misery and sickness you create from the destruction and splitting of human souls.
1.       Cost per year.  $62.7 Billion dollars a year. Costs of Schizophrenia in 2002
2.       Social Security started in 1911, so if we multiply $62.7 times 102 years what number would we get?  Assuming that prior years would be adjusted to the current inflationary figure.  That number comes out to be, $6.395 Trillion Dollars!  That is almost half of our national deficit, and it is the cost those who were born with defective hippocampus’s proverbially black jacking those that don’t have them over the head and labeling them schizophrenics!  And that $6.395 Trillion is just the number for the United States and is likely understated because it doesn’t recognize all the waste that you created by disabling human minds with the capability for higher thought processes and reasoning.
3.       They do not have the credibility to challenge you.  (Dead men tell no tales my Jewish childhood friend was fond of saying to me.)
And what better way to make yourself look good than by making those who would challenge you into zombies that can no longer express themselves.
The scroll of the profits from the process is endless isn’t it!
It is a liability that you have never had to recognize on any balance sheet!  An expense you never had to recognize to offset profit on any income statement.  But it is a very real monetary cost to our society.
How much sickness has been created other than the splitting of human souls?  All of the rest of the illnesses are created this way, alcohol, tobacco, micronized Zyclone by as an herbicide in our water supply, they all make us sick! They are all carcinogens.  And they are in existence today to feed your voided soul.  You created the demand for them.
The profit margins in schizophrenia medicines are the largest at the pharmaceutical companies!!!
Nothing that I can do other than say that when one of your own gets sick you caused it!  So don’t deny it to them!  “My loved one, you were killed for money by me,” honestly tell them.
“My love, I gave you everything, including that child born with autism and ovarian cancer.”
She will reply to you, “I love you anyway, I knew that you were a hard worker.”
That was her original belief wasn’t it?
You might even try poetry with her to be romantic.
“Shall you compare all that I have boughten for you to the missing pound of flesh that was surgically removed from you…this first time…in order to prevent the rest of you from dying?”
“How you dare compare the mansion, luxury car and Jewelry to the pound of flesh
Of a person’s brain
I made sick in your name.”
Why do I call it the profits of Judah?  Because Judah and Israel were indeed two different countries.  Judah was named after Judah, and he was a horrible man that killed two of his sons in order to sleep with their shared wife and get her pregnant.  His youngest son sold Joseph for 20 bars of silver into slavery in Egypt.  The Bible also tells us that Egypt and Judah were of the same family.  Why do I mention this what relevancy does it have?  What do you think $62.7 billion dollars a year is for?  It is to compensate the victims whose souls were stole.  It is money that goes into the profit margins of the companies that form the basis of our health care system in the United States.
Was Judah mentally defective?  You be the judge.  Would you kill your sons to sleep with their one wife? Etc.
In today’s modern world the archetype of a bad person does not belong to a religion even though it does.  It is far more widespread than that!  The concept populates all of our modern religions!
Happy Labor Day
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 09 02 2013 at:
What happened in Israel that led to the Romans conquering it?  For some reason there was a split wasn’t there!  Jesus represented Israel. He called himself the good shepherd.  That means he was a Sephardic Jew??? The land of Judah were wine drinkers?  I believe there was a dicatomy based on defective hippocampuses related to alcohol.  Same thing happened in Germany!  Same thing happened in Ireland.  Same thing happened in China.  Same thing happened in the United States with the Civil War, Confederate means with the monarchy.  When you think of Monarchy you have to realize that the good Kings don’t last, so it is usually a Queen (Woman) type of rulership?  The Monarchy only lost on the surface in many of those conflicts.  Why?  Because that isn’t the nature of a males mind to zombify another man’s mind for money.
And after all of this I am still not antisemetic!!! Why not?  Because there are Jews who also suffer from schizophrenia!!! And that is the reason that I will never be antisemetic or anti Jewish!  What am I then?  For fairness and equality.  What do I mean be equality?  I mean if two men are of the same natural intelligence relating to a skill needed for a job then each has the exact same opportunity in our society.
The reason that the Unions were formed was to create a network whereby the satanic minded could exclude those that they did not like to work from working.  The Union fights for this persons rights but not the others?  It really boils down to Unions not being able to positively assert workers rights to today!  Had unions been effected the American worker would be productive and happy today.  So what did they a really serve to do?  Work with management in excluding more qualified from working!  Work with management to make others work harder.  It is Judah that sits at the head of the Unions and it is a misnomer.  It is not a Union it is part of a Confederate or Monarchy structure.  Right?  A man would not care who worked as long as they were qualified, capable, did a good job and were easy to get along with.  A person with a defective mind would!  He/she would resent such people like Judah did his own sons, and he created them, and he killed two of them.  Did he not have the opportunity to raise them so that he would not have to kill them?  Something defective there.
And was the son sold into Slavery Joseph, really the father of Jesus Christ?  And hence that is why Jesus is still a Jew, even though he lived in Israel?  Was Israel part of Egpyt?  It implies kidnapping and exportation into slavery.  That is the gestalt I get from the story of Lazarus.  The search box works on the upper left of this blog to find where I wrote about Lazarus.

Why do I write this?  Because I know that schizophrenia is a medical fraud.  The symptoms are horrifically real to the victims but the perpetrators have never been identified or categorized!   You should guard the sanctity of your hippocampus and that of your children to be more than your life!

And what does fairness mean?  It means that Cain does not kill his brother or disable him out of jealousy.  Cain did just that and the foundation of the house he built for himself fell in on himself and  killed him.  Do you see that foundations of our nation have fallen? Some of those lands were indeed Cannanite lands.  So indeed they believed in Cainanism?  Killing your brother out of jealousy?

And are our modern Knights of Templar really modern Cannanites? Phoenetic translation, I call it a neophyte homonym, it is the great way to read the language of the criminal minded throughout history.   Cain Nites ...Cain Knights?  Males that disable men via that ideology?  Have you ever heard of corporate bag men?  They won't tell you what they have done will they!

When you go to that link and you read "God killed him"  It really means his father Judah killed him.  When you read the passage about his sons wife pretended to be a prostitute it really means Judah raped her, etc. etc.  It is all written in well thought out legalize alibi terminology!  So the next topic of research would be incest and the hippocampus?

Quick scanning of research leads me to believe that mental defects resulting from incest come from the imperfection or incompatibility of the nervous electrical synapse structure between the ova and the sperm.  Can you imagine what the product of two fighting siblings would be?  That would lead to defects in the hippocampus.  You could almost think of it as a person having two competing memory systems of what something was and therefore negated memory and learning function, hence they need to steal the soul of a person to label schizophrenic to be the leader of their school of thought.  And I don't always give you all the premises that link to my conclusions because they are a common part of my thought processes and hence do not need to be explained over and over to me- it is the nature of focus and synthesis in thought. The Roman Caligula raped his sister on the feast table in front of everyone.  In Wisconsin it is legal to marry some form of cousin, don't know which.   I think I wrote and article called two snakes in the head once.

For some reason I just thought about Oprah and incest and wondered how far back in her family the practice was allowed to go on.

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