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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Going Pro-Lifers 09 10 2013

Article written in response to this mornings Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article titled:
  "Kids traded, advertised like unwanted pets"

Good Going Pro-Lifers
The only reason you were Pro-Life was so that you could have your pick of other people’s children just like you shop for an expensive “sweater!” or a lawn ornament! You never cared about the parentless babies not adopted; never!!!  To you they were easy competition for your objectified children to beat!
Pro-lifers you ought to be so ashamed of yourselves that you should never want to be seen in public!
Those who were granted to adopt child vacillate between having the child held in their arms like it is a pet cat that provides them with affection… to cradling a 12 pack of beer in that same arm like they are a professional football player!
What a life!
The adopted child becomes an object for marriages based on materialism attained by excluding human beings from their potential!
Bible law say’s that if no one wants a baby the King pulls out a sword and kills it!  And the King is not the one to have considered killing it!  The wretchedly immoral promiscuous biological father and mother did!  Or rather the pseudo Elite that structured society in such a way so that competent and able bodied human beings can’t earn a living to support a family.  The logic is that if a Kind would kill  baby two women fought over he would also kill one easily kill one that no one wanted!  The determination being made at birth and not after the child is passed up on a nursery “Store shelf!”  Indeed if a child as such is living it should be given every chance for a good childhood.  And that would mean a group home with a loving father or mother and all those who commit evil at such places are killed so that the child is never made miserable by a bad system!
This Pro Life mother never had the capacity of thought to think in these terms!  She takes the child she wants and the rest go bad!  Can’t be much of a sicker mind than that in our society!
Some women can’t even stand their own natural born son’s and daughters, born of monkey men!
And do you know what never happens in our society today?  There is never a middle school or grade school class titled “Preparing to start a family!”  That is never what happens.  Instead what happens is that the good sons and daughters are tempted by pier pressure to drink beer and use drugs during their teenage years!  They also have to hear about all the sex the basketball players are having with the cheerleader queen.  Those who go into sports do not have a mind of their own, they are indeed children of the Confederacy!
So how else should school be structured?  Other than stamping the foreheads of those that do not have their own soul like the ancient Rabbi’s did, so no human man or woman would marry one only to divorce it because of that?  There might be pooled dances whereby a computer matches up who should be with one another at the dance?  In addition to a person writing down who their preference would be to go to the dances with.  No alcohol or drugs.  Maybe a table full of ham sandwiches like at a country picnic.  Or separate tables. Or rather they go out to eat mandatory Dutch style with just one another before said dance to a restaurant.  Now what is wrong with that idea?  Later on they might meet each other in life and get along well.  Same goes for every college in the U.S.!
No more of this “Whack” the smart ones off!
Without that alcohol some of us could get through school a lot faster and also some of us never graduate?  Assuming all children have the right to learn in a non-threatening environment!  Not asking for too much is it?

I have not even read this article that I am writing about but I can tell you based on the title any (normal) child not of its own parents that is abused by adopted parents, foster parents or orphanage heads-  Those parents (et al.) should be executed! And turning what would be a normal child into an abnormal one is also a form of abuse!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 09 10 2013 at:

Oddly Enough these things happen because of an adopted child becoming a Republican Politician and promoting smaller Government:  Newt Gingrich!!!  Wisconsin has traditionally been Republican.  JS Online has traditionally been Republican.  This is what you promoted and voted for!  Lack of responsible adult oversight!

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