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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Barrack the Irishman tell me how Libya is our enemy when they supplied arms to the Irish Republican Army? 09 11 2013

Barrack the Irishman tell me how Libya is our enemy when they supplied arms to the Irish Republican Army?  09 11 2013

England has been one of the worst enemies the United States ever had!

First in the Revolutionary War.
And then in the Civil War against slavery- Confederate the south fighting to keep slaves literally means "With the monarchy!"

And what does Leviticus of the Bible tell us about the first Confederate in Judah?  Wives were slaves!  They were bought and sold!  What does it also tell us of Judah the person the Jewish religion was founded over?  It tells us that he believed in incest!!!  And what do we know about incest?  That it creates brain development disorders!  And how does a person with a brain development disorder get along with other people in the work force?  I'll give you a hint; they are not nice!!!

Israel and Judah were two separate countries!  Judah ruined Israel by indoctrinating them with wine!  Alcohol even in small amounts causes the birth defect of mental retardation!  It is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!  Am I the only one that can put the pieces of the historical puzzle together?  Those from Judea were developmentally disabled for two compounding reasons and they therefore brought Israel down to their level in order to compete and survive!

The reason we can't say anything bad about them is because everyone today is exactly like them except 2% of us labeled schizophrenics in a crime against humanity and a medical fraud.

There is likely only 2% of the worlds population that does not have that evil mind today!

The Irish were clean and clear minded originally.

Does the Bible ever mention someone being employed?

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