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Friday, September 27, 2013

Editorial Errors in the Morning Paper 09 27 2013

Editorial Errors in the Morning Paper 09 27 2013

You read the mass produced morning paper that a great many trees were sacrificed to produce and you come to an editorial error, an error a  "professionally paid" editor should caught and it is the same thing as coming to a crack in the sidewalk that many people trip over.

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Do you see the literary difference between paid professional and professionally paid?  "Professionally paid" takes the level of insult to our society one step deeper!

I myself do not even try to edit my own writing because the voice chimes in when I do in order to steal that skill set from me.  So what you get here is raw!  (And it is free.)

And these are the people who are paid to opinion-ate and influence public policy? Why can't they sound out the grammar?  There is a mental defect isn't there!  If you can't sound out the grammar or would seek to prevent or create the conditions precedent whereby other people can not sound out the grammar then you have no business being in the writing business in any way.  Why don't you leave quietly so that those who can write and sound out the grammar.  And we do not have to speak aloud to sound out the grammar we just need it to be quiet so that we ourselves who know how to sound out the grammar and can sound out the grammar using the verbal part of our minds that learned the grammar for ourselves!

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