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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bill Orielly “Killing Jesus” Book 09 29 2013

Bill Orielly “Killing Jesus” Book

Tonight I watched some of Bill Orielly’s interview on 60 minutes about his new book titled “Killing Jesus,” he made some very interesting points.
That the reason they killed Jesus Christ was because,~ “He started messing around with the money!” (loose quote)  That Jesus got very angry and violent.  That the temple was stealing and extorting money from its own citizens. 
That Jesus was a regular guy but very afraid.  (This part I did not know about.)
That Jesus Christ had nothing and yet he is the most famous person in the entire world!  “He had no infrastructure.”
That most crosses had a seat on them but Jesus Christ cross did not because the soldiers wanted him killed so fast!
That it would have been impossible for Jesus Christ to have said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” While he was on the cross because his lungs would have been collapsed!  But that the Bible states emphatically that he “Said” that while on the cross.
Bill also said that what he writes comes to him in the middle of the night!  What I write comes to me in the same way, however there is a moaning sound along with it!  Bill and I both know what it means but we wont say.
O’Reilly claims to be the champion of the little guy.
He said that Jesus was a regular guy.  He said that there were many people who declared themselve’s to be Gods in those days!  (Sounds a lot like my writing?)

So by deductive logic what does some of this mean?
If you interfere with a money changer why do they get mad at you?  But the better question is, if you are stealing and extorting money from citizens what does it imply about yourself?  It implies that you cannot make money for yourself!  So why can’t you do that, is the next question that would need to be asked.
Have I told you that after getting my Accounting and Finance degree in 1991 I worked at an Investment Company, then located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower, called First Analysis?
Why did the Roman Soldiers want him dead?  Because Jesus Christ exorcised his earth bound right to free speech.  But why do you want someone dead if they are lying about you?   Usually most of us are able to just shrug or laugh that off as ridiculous, or just make a clarifying statement as to why so and so in wrong and go on our merry way!
Why be mad at someone like Jesus Christ?  When you read anything from the Bible do you see a reason to be mad at Jesus Christ? 
The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ drove the money changers out of the temple.
Bill O’Reilly also told how he got into arguments with nuns that he wanted to debate in class!  (That is my nature too, isn’t it!  Not only that but also nothing good to say about modern day Money Changers.)
But at the end of the interview what did Bill Orielly say will be on his epithet?  “He finally stopped talking.”  That reminds me a lot of a story that I wrote a long time ago and here is the link to it:
But also if you read the Gospel of Nicodemus it states in there that the reason the SanHedrin (Jewish Elite of the time) wanted him dead was because, “He knows what we do.”  That implies you are doing something that needs to be covered up.  What could that be?  What could that be?
On the segment before the Orielly segment was a man who wants to treat the mentally ill against their will.  And what is very interesting here is that he said if those mass shooters were being treated they would not have committed those shootings.  But the fact is just the exact opposite that many of those mass shooters were being treated at the time they shot people.  So why does it happen that way?  We know for a fact that the medicine they are put on causes an early death.  So in effect it is a slow acting poison.  What we also know about that medicine is that the primary thing they all have in common is that they impair higher brain function based on a person’s own memories! So what happens when a person realizes they are slowly being poisoned; any human being will likely act out in violence!  So medication is not the answer.  You stop the higher thought processes of a human being, you stop them from drawing their memories into their consciousness and indeed you have put them on a form of death row!  You do not have the right to do that to human beings in the name of just stopping their use of their hippocampus.  And why do would you want to do that to a human being?  Is it because they have a bad memory of something happening to them where those who committed that offense evaded the criminal justice system?  And that memory is indeed a reality and also the source of their poverty? 
So who were the satanic from the Bible that did not have their own soul?  This is an easy one.  We know the Romans were big wine drinkers, even lead wine!  And what does that cause to happen to a person; defects in the hippocampus at all ages of life.  The birth defects are said to be irreversible.  The hippocampus is responsible for bringing a person’s memories or learning into their conscious brain so that they can think about them.  Okay so if you can talk but don’t have your own memories how do you do that?  Can you see those Roman soldiers rubbing their foreheads in anger because the source of their disjointed minds was thinking for himself and they were subject to those thoughts?  Does it sound farfetched?  Well there has to be an element of the human soul in a man’s sperm.  If that ejaculate does not go into what the Indians called a dream catcher were does it go?  It goes into the disjointed brains of the Roman Soldiers?  Okay sounds farfetched doesn’t it?  But what did the Emperor Caligula of Rome like to do to people he crucified?  He ate their testicles live off their bodies.  What monster or breed of monster would defile a human being in that manner?  Do we not see a similar construct to this today by those who lack intelligence in the United States utilizing steroids in order to attain high paying professional sports careers? A steroid being a concentrated form of testosterone like is embodied in a man’s testicles? This also brings up the issue of Cannibalism causing prion’s to form in a cannibals brain and them going crazy from it!   A prion what is basically in the wild deer in about half of the total geographic area of Wisconsin today!  Just go to the Wisconsin DNR website and see where the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD for short) and heard reduction zones are!
Do you know they never found the body of Jesus Christ?  Was he eaten?  Sound like a flight of fantasy?  No that above act by Caligula is indeed an act of Cannibalism so there is a great precedent that they might have!  And hence the reason to be very afraid!  When you have a Roman Emperor eating men’s testicles off their live bodies that does not fall under the heading of paranoia- meaning an irrational fear!
So if nobody could have heard, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Why is the Bible emphatic that he said it while he was on the cross?  Because they heard him say it in their minds eye!
So what would happen if you transcended time and gave a Roman Soldier a pill that stopped them from using their higher brain function, if you believe they had one?  They might not have an appetite for conquest and or a taste for live men’s testicles, they might not seek to extort and steal money from the people because they know they will be caught?  They might not seek to give other people drugs?  And indeed they wanted to give Jesus Christ Myrrh while on the cross but he wouldn’t take it!  Same herb the three oriental wise men kings brought to his manger at birth!
What would happen if you knew those with the birth defect of mental retardation related to oxygen deprivation to the hippocampus caused by alcohol somehow came into power in the United States?  That is indeed the leading cause of mental retardation in the United States.  What would happen if a line of people were no longer able to have children with a healthy hippocampus area of the brain?  Do you get it?

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Another point.  We know that testosterone in a man peaks about 30 minutes after drinking alcohol.  What we also know about addictive substances is that more and more of the substance is needed to achieve the same initial effect over time.  So what happens when addicts can no longer boost their testosterone from alcohol in order to feel good about themselves?  What is the next thing they resort to?  Usually just more and more alcohol until they are lying dead on their beds!  But hopefully they don’t turn into something like Caligula.  It is very interesting to note that the first psychiatrists in the United States wanted to castrate Schizophrenics and every member of their family!  Do we always know what happens to medical waste?  Gee you weren’t happy just by medicating someone you later granted yourself the right to castrate them to?  We have been analyzing the brains of the wrong sect of people in our society!

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