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Monday, September 30, 2013

Okay how do I apply for Obamacare Tomorrow 09 30 2013

Okay how do I apply for Obamacare Tomorrow 09 30 2013

And once I apply there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Not only that you can't keep good employees who believe in Government from showing up to work when they want to?  How can you keep a good employee from showing up to work?  Sure you can lock the building but some of the overtime work they might need to do in there would be to your own benefit, so you can't do that.  And if I can't sign up tomorrow I can sign up the next day.  And it is not our fault if the personal costs you incur to treat your autistic child are over and above what a normal human being will have to pay on the plan?

In reality you can't get served in an Emergency Room if you don't have insurance!  In fact they don't have to serve anyone they want to!  All they have to do is do what they did to my mother when I brought her in, say they don't have room in the Emergency room.  And then an Italian Milwaukee Police officer shows up to threaten you.  And when you finally do get in the emergency room you find 75% of the emergency rooms were empty.  This happened at St. Mary's in Milwaukee.  And what is it, controlled genocide!

We can sign up at:

Here is the link to the website and by the way my Internet browser or server diverted me from getting to this Government website twice before I did!

There is also a group called Navigators who will be out and about.

If it works out okay God Bless Obama.  If they mandate that we are hauled in and drugged until we can no longer think and write then it is bad.

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