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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The New Presidential Trend 09 01 2013

The New Presidential Trend 09 01 2013

Now the new Presidential trend in the United States is that every President will want to assert strength by taking us to war without Congressional approval?

As if fighting is the symbolism of strength.

That is not the type of strength America was built on!  American strength was built on fighting the enemy among us!  In the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  Con means with.  Federatate means the Monarchy.

The United States is not a monarchy and never should be one.  That belief system creates great world instability and bloody Revolution!  It has twice in our history and prevailing over it is what the integrity of the United States was built on.

Alcohol is the greatest chemical weapon that their is!

Getting about time for the good men to emigrate again, that's me!

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