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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Controlled Genocide in the United States 09 22 2013 update #2

Controlled Genocide in the United States 09 22 2013

Yesterday I heard a radio program that spoke about Tylenol causing 150 deaths a year!  It turns out that just taking two more extra strength Tylenol type pills, over the regular dose is enough to kill a person!

Have you ever gone to the doctor for an unrelated illness to pain and he gives you a prescription for the souped up tylenol prescription strength?  Prescription strength therefore has to be at or near a lethal dose?  Have you ever been coerced by a doctor to take that Tylenol even though you did not want to?

It harms the liver!  Have you ever vomited blood from taking prescription drugs like I have- many many years ago?

Even one death from a prescription drug per year is too many!  Even one!

It is made by a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.  Johnson and Johnson is an English name.  But what you don't know about them is that they also make the antipsychotic drug risperdal.  And antipsychotic means it is used to treat people diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Most of the drugs that are used to treat schizophrenia are as deadly as Tylenol if not more!  But more to the point- the drug companies make their highest profit margins from making and selling them!  Where did the term come from?  A Nazi Psychiatrist!  How do we know he was a Nazi? Because if he was that prominent a Jew Adolf Hitler would have had him killed sooner!  Adolf first and foremost had the mentally ill killed.  There is a great difference between someone mentally ill and someone mentally retarded!  A mentally ill person was likely once a very intelligent and capable person whereas a mentally retarded person never has that capability because of oxygen deprivation damage to the hippo campus!  But the point is that it all came out of Nazi Germany and Eugenics.  And Eugenics came from the New England area of the United States.  Specifically New York.  Where the first German nationality psychiatrists wanted to sterilize every member of a schizophrenics family.  Sounds like  someone has a mean streak in them?  What do we know about New York?  It was the port where all the cotton and goods from the South (read Confederacy) was traded from.  What else do we know about them?  They were heavy socialite drinkers.  What do we know about heavy drinkers?  It causes birth defects in their children related to the ability to learn for oneself.  Who was one such New York Socialite?  He was Nikolas Tesla a Serbian/American scientist who invented a particle beam weapon and was marketing it in Europe before WWII. What do we know about his work and that also of the Fascist party member Marconi accredited with the invention of the radio?  We know that they reverse engineered radio wave, particle beam technology, (it all falls under the electromagnetic light wave spectrum).....They reverse engineered technology that one of the first scientists who experimented with it died of a stroke from.  So you are targeted with this technology and you are a Jew in Nazi Germany and you don't die of the stroke.  But instead you are slurring your words.  Congratulations you get a false diagnosis of being mentally ill and are on your way to the death chambers!!!!!!!  But who would do this to you?  It would have to be someone that hated human beings.  But why?  Because they are very close to being one but are not!  Hitler was indeed said to be a Voyeur!  How can you be very close to being a human being but naturally not be one?  If you have a birth defect of the hippocampus that makes it unable for you to learn by processing short term memories into long term memories.  The Bible would say you had the mind of the beast!  And as I said there was plenty of drinking in New York and Germany.

So what I want to know is if any of those who die from Tylenol every year have also been labeled schizophrenic?  Know one could be a leader of a school of thought and not hear voices.  So it does indeed mean that those who die from Tylenol poisoning could be part of that same human being race that many are dependent minded upon and not know it!  They could indeed be termed to fall under the genocide of the same race principle.

What am I getting at?  Where has the United States Sheriff been?  Who has fallen asleep and allowed 150 people to be murdered every year?  That is murder!  I don't care what statistics in terms of pain management are presented.  Since it is murder does that mean that management of such companies who have lobbied for controlled acceptable amounts of people dying are guilty of murder?  Should some corporate executives receive the death penalty?  I believe they should!  Should family members that willfully and willingly participated in the crime also receive the death penalty upon conviction for murder?  Yes!  You were indeed a party to the crime!

Okay so you don't like what I just wrote.  Just put aside all the thoughts about who is who in it and ask yourself what if one of those 150 people that died from the drug was your good son or daughter...your wife?  And what do you get for it?  If you are lucky you get a purse full of money for their deaths!  Let me rephrase it to the human beings- lets say that someone that you love takes that  very little extra dose and dies?  Lets say that they became confused for some odd reason as to when they took the first dose and took a second one not too soon afterwards and died.  Who is going to fight for you?  No one!  You will become depressed and fall into mental illness and be on your way to the graveyard too!  Why because you loved people, human beings, more than money!  Why?  Because you were an honest American that had faith in the United States Constitution and what it is supposed to stand for!!!!!!  So how many people work for a company that tolerates 150 people dying every year from a product it produces?  Do you have faith in those thousands of people and their jobs or in the Constitution and your loved one that died?  I want them out of my country and to never have an influence on us ever again!  Some how they have weaseled their way around our Constitution and our human rights!  Does it have to do with them having more U.S. dollars at their disposal than they should have ever had?  Than they could have truly ever earned based on their own first person knowledge?

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More facts that I heard from the radio program as I listened to it while cleaning the garage today as well as commentary.

Facts per my memory only of hearing from the radio show, so the numbers might be a little off but it is insignificant in terms of what they mean!!!

1. 78,000 ?? Emergency room visits a year related to acetaminophen  (Tylenol). I can hear the drug company trying to distinguish the generic from their brand label in order to deny liability for injuries without admitting to receiving any royalty stream from the generic producers.  Don't you like how the snake argues?

2. 38,000 Hospitalizations a year related to Acetaminophen.

3. After the FDA's own advisory panel recommended strong language and different labeling on the drug it took over 30 years for that to take effect!!!  Meanwhile deaths every year.  Okay that is widespread collusion to commit murder!  It means their was no Government independence of the FDA from the pharmaceutical industries!!! Equates to the buying of Government and the financing of profits from peoples deaths!!!!  So indeed former management layers of the FDA will be liable in a murder trial as well as those who gave them those cabinet positions with a directive to not enforce accountability!!!

4. Infant Deaths.  This is the oddest slight of hand you will ever see regarding genocide gobbledygook and a lying sales pitch.  I worked in the investment business so I know how this same type of person likes to put people down and make them feel extremely less intelligent than they actually are!  (Where did the money go is an empirical evidence term that will be used when they burn our Constitution that they have willfully defied!)  And that document was written in response to Satanic Great Britain.  But here is the lying sales pitch- the infant tylenol was 3x stronger than the children's Tylenol!!!!  It doesn't take a genius to see how one can culpably deny the death of your child through the guise of miscommunication of which the fault is blamed on you!  When in fact- again it is controlled genocide.  If you want to know how women really feel about the good mother having a child read the Bible story where two woman are fighting over ownership of a baby.  While you are at it you will also find in the Bible that women were bought and sold as slaves as wives!!!!  And I hate to talk of what tribe did that!  You get it! The infants dose should have never ever been greater than that of the children's dose!  Has there been a study with regard to what happens to infants that have impaired liver function as they grow?  The liver being responsible for detoxifying the body?  Or have we really not been put to the test with a major epidemic whereby the liver is a target of the germ and disease and the administration of tylenol leads to a very quick death.  Oh but wait we actually are faced with an epidemic religion somewhere labels one of the seven deadly sins, Obesity, sloth, gluton etc.  The liver creates bile and that bile digests your food.  Do you ever see a family member who is over weight gobbling down the tylenol for the pain of aching joints from being overweight and get irate?  Do you get the connection if you cannot produce bile the food does not digest as quickly!!  And you get fat.  If you do not produce bile because of an impaired liver then your digestive track does not function as quickly as it should!!!!  Not only that the toxins from today's food build up in your stored fat cells!  And once you are fat you are miserable because you can't do everything that you see everyone else do- so they got another pill for you for that!  Do you see the vicious circle, again genocide of the trusting and naive.  And I have always contended that women and children should be allowed to be naive without having to fear being that way!!!!!  Not to mention that if a person is given two drugs that affect the human liver negatively or more compounded with culturally accepted alcohol use ...  Those baby boomers are not going to live as long!!!  But the pharmaco companies will not be held liable because the dead cannot file suit.  I call this long term deferral of liability recognition until the people are dead and the liability does not have to be recognized.  If you want to be fair to the American public the families of anyone who has taken tylenol and died should receive all the assets of the companies that produced it plus the personal assets of those who worked at those companies!!!  I have not touched on the issue of how an impaired liver might contribute to birth defects, but how can it not?

Half of the deaths from Tylenol are ruled from suicide.  How can we be sure that is correct?  We have been lied to about the deaths already.  If you see an empty bottle how do you know the person did not buy it a month ago and take one of the thirty pills in the bottle every day??  You  can't prove that.  And how many people would think of trying to commit suicide by Tylenol???  It brings up a very good point!!!  Tylenol appears to be a suicide drug of choice according to the very company that makes it!!!!!  I know how these people think if you have a car accident in high school on your way home from washing dishes at a part time job caused by the greasy steam coming off your body and fogging a window past the defrosters capability the snotty cheer-leading squad member say's that you tried to commit suicide!!!  What am I getting at?  It is that same archetype of person who will know that you were diagnosed for hearing the beasts voice in your head, her own, and say with pride she killed herself by taking Tylenol because she had a history of mental illness and it is consistent with that.  Are we sure that you didn't prescribe the person you envied a double extra strength prescription dose?  Does anyone have a bottle of that prescription dose in their drawer like I still do?  Is it enough evidence to be a party to a monetary settlement?  Should be.  This nice girl in a woman's sterile body would rule it a suicide and gladly speak the words on television, "And she had a history of mental illness!"

And I would want a statistical analysis performed about everyone who died from Tylenol in terms of demographic factors like religion, and more specifically Nationality!!!!!  Also type of job that they had.

From 1995 to 2005 the death toll from Tylenol quadrupled.   And the death toll is even higher today than it was in 1995.  Even one death would be too high.  Somebody has hold of our reins in the United States and will not give them back!!!  Do I need to mention that limited liability of Corporations was not widespread until the 1950's, again per my memory.  Right after WWII and Nazi Germany.  These companies would not be in existence today if it were not for the bad coat of arms shield of limited liability, not only that but they should not be in existence.  Killing 150 people a year plus the 78,000 emergency room visits a year is not consistent with being a real health care provider concerned about human health!!!  It is the exact opposite!!!!  The Bible says that the beast will be marked.  What is the point?  At arms length one person ought to be able to know if the person that they are dealing with is of dependent mind or not!  It would save a great many conflicts including divorce, crime, violence against women, inability to raise children, etc.

Commentary:  Weren't some of these variations in product recommended for hangovers?  If so you have a double impact on the liver!  One from the alcohol and the second from the drug acting on the impaired liver.  Can anyone tell me how it makes sense to give a product that is this toxic to the liver to sick people???? The liver being responsible for detoxifying the human body of germs and sickness??  If that isn't targeting Americans as a whole for genocide I don't know what is!!!!

And what type of Americans drink alcohol or have been accustomed to believe that it is part of their heritage through German propaganda?  The Irish.  And Germany indeed being part of the expansion of the Satanic Roman empire as far to England!

I can remember someone telling me that they take Nyquil to help them sleep.  This is the same Analyst from an investment firm who wanted to look at a wine label to see if it had sulfites, he drank it anyway after looking.  Sulfites are another issue entirely that we have had to put up with and they cannot make wine easily without them!!!!  Get it!!!  It all follows the same evil path.

Off topic it has just been proven that men with smaller testicles make much better fathers!  Have you ever heard a woman say that she wanted to marry a man with small balls because he will make a better father?  You have never heard that and I bet you never will, that is not how your college girl getting her degree thinks!  She thinks in terms of an animal being in the same barnyard with other animals.  Lets see where do we put the brand that say's the child is dependent minded to so and so?  Not bad for a Sunday!  First day of autumn today is.  Oh by the way she also thinks who is going to get in a drunken bar fight for me.  I have one sibling.

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