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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Commentary in response to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article Mayor seeks more from Summerfest 09 25 2013

Commentary in response to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article Mayor seeks more from Summerfest 09 25 2013

This raises a very good point.

When we think of Summerfest what do we think of it as being?  I was always under the impression that Summerfest was a unit of our county parks or Government.  So how do events such as this become privatized?  It is the same way that some corporations with very good businesses are taken private; first they are run into the ground and bankrupted by too much bad debt and or related party transactions that cause liability.  This all falls under the guise of someone poorly managing them or there being an inherent flaw in the business model or product.  Then a group of people step in and claim to be the superhero businessmen that saved the company and brought it back from nothing!  Baloney!
According to Wikipedia Summerfest is run by the non-profit organization Milwaukee World Festival.

Okay that gets me to the next question.  Are the profits from all those beer sales matching the expenses society will bear from them?  Non-profits are required to donate most of their profits in order to be nonprofit.  What we have here is a ponzie scheme!!! Isn’t it?  Whereby one non-profit donates to another non-profit and so on and so on.  Until none of that profit ever goes to anyone but the management of the non-profit organizations!!!  It is a chain of Judah!  All you have to do is look around you for empirical evidence of this!  We are not receiving the benefits of charitable organizations in our society today!  In order to be a non-profit maybe you should not be allowed to serve alcohol?  Maybe there should be salary caps.  Maybe there should be mandated uncompensated board of director positions?  They always want to say we have to compensate so and so for the valuable time they contributed.  That is baloney too!!!  That person couldn’t stand to be with their own children in the first place.  Not only that they sit at a desk and look like a monkey that can’t get out the rain, the rain of listening to someone else’s thinking!
In business we learned how to recognize expenses related to revenue recognition.  Our Constitution is supposed to protect our general health and welfare and that means with no room for misinterpretation. The most common misinterpretation is that a business can expense the lives of human beings, including just one; this is a Confederate minded interpretation.  Per the Constitution of the United States business cannot expense the lives of people, not even one!
The alcohol industry should pay the entire police and criminal justice system bill in America!  Not only that, it should pay for all health issues related to alcohol.  And also any business decisions where alcohol was served that ended up being failed, costly and or tragic decisions.  And that includes any money that is received by parents of children born with birth defects.
What has happened is that Corporations have become government equivalents.  They have their realms of power and influence that go on successfully without meaningful challenge or impact from those who are supposed to represent the American Citizen.
What am getting at?  If all expenses where attributed and fairly billed to the alcohol industry it would no longer be in business!  Without alcohol our overpopulation would no longer be a problem because natural selection would weed out the mentally defective caused by alcohol, but in order for it to work there would also have to be accountability for all the behavior of those individuals in our society that have been negatively influenced by it already- in other words they cannot be allowed to abuse human beings in any way as a matter of coping with their own mental deficit or defect.
What we have is society recognizing a great number of expenses that should have been attributed to business and belonged on their income statements as a cost of doing business.  So why has this not occurred?  If the original man who started a business had to be the one to defend that business in a court of law matter then it would be a different story today.  Rather than a highly paid and contracted representative that was raised to overcome the mental defect by demonizing the souls of human beings.  The purpose accused has to take the stand and the jury gets to understand the true character of such a person as they represent themselves and the motives for their actions.  Instead we have the world’s first victims defending those who would victimize human beings and create more victims like the world’s first victims.
We are smart enough today to know what costs can be attributed to business that the taxpayer ends up paying for instead of that business.  We are also smart enough that we can apply the matching principle to both the yearly costs and the accumulated costs of their actions in our country!  I believe that the matching principle should be applied to all Corporations that have caused human sickness!
What is the easiest way for a group of people to become rich in the United States?  Organize and host a group event whereby they can sell large quantities of alcohol at high prices.  I want to ask you this?  If you had events without alcohol would not the true talent of the United States make an uprising?  Yes.  But why?  Because those who drank alcohol would have no interest in going to events that are based on personal achievement and respect for personal achievement; they couldn’t sit and be patient and listen and learn or just enjoy the emotion of person human being expression!
I want to ask you this, “What human being could live with themselve’s if they made money by causing the death and sickness of human beings?”  You would think it would deter what we consider to be a human being from doing that.  You would think that behavior was weeded out of them during their childhood by their parents.  But it goes on every day in America!  And again- the Corporations have been allowed that it is statistically okay to kill a few people every year in order to make money.  No matter how you want to make the argument to the contrary in terms of businesses that state their products benefit  human health it falls dead on its carcass when even one person is made sick or dies!!!  That argument is lost right there in the mind of a human being man!  So how does the person that makes money in this way think?  He/she thinks in this manner, “I see a person wearing a nice pair of clothes and I have none.”  Time lapse for after he kills that person. “Look at the nice pair of clothes I am wearing, everyone now see’s how successful I am.”  It is reminiscent of a gypsy tribe sending out ten priests in order to bring back what?  That is the gestalt of the ancient Essene religion as portrayed in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  When they brought that man back he received the label of the exiled priest and he was demonized by the evil master and the children that were under the control of the evil master.  This stuff is not a work of fiction, it comes from that book!  Why do I mention it?  Because that is where this “expensing” it gets its basis from in our world today.  And the matching principal applies here to in terms of the bill for those made mentally ill not being attributed to those that cause it and the biological defect of those that cause it.  If that matching principle were to be applied we would no longer see violence and crime in our society! 
How much should a man that fails to clean toilets get paid for 11 days of a year for failure to clean toilets?  “He properly networked himself whereas you didn’t Tom.  In fact Tom you went against the grain,” would be Confederate business spiel.  I will tell you what he gets paid, enough money so that he can live up north in a luxury cabin the same as Jimmy's uncle from the chuch.

Summerfest was created by the former mayor of Milwaukee.  All of that money from Summerfest should go to city government initiatives and not be subject to the wills of non-profit trading dollars.  That is how the industry should be viewed “Non profit trading of dollars.”  “How much you got?  Can you spare a little for my charity today?”  That is treating the United States dollar like it is confetti!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud committed by these individuals.  And the symptoms of the people who are victimized and labeled by them are very real but they are created by the beast.  And that is also a unrecognized cost to our society!  And it also contributes to our national energy shortage.
The bottom line is that is a county park and the event was created by a mayor of Milwaukee.  The mayor should not have to seek more from Summerfest.  That money does not belong to a private interest representing itself as a nonprofit organization.  Non-profit and for profit industries that wrestled away what were once free public services?  It makes one sick in and of itself.  Non-profit is supposed to mean the exact opposite of blood money!

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