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Friday, September 20, 2013

The First Amendment 09 20 2013

The First Amendment 09 20 2013

The First Amendment has a lot more depth to it than meets the surface.  And it is highly relevant to many of the issues that we face today.  A President is sworn into to protect the United States Constitution.  Both the first and second amendments are part of that.  A lot of what we are seeing as progressive measures or decisions today in our society are being put forth by the executive office and they are glossing over our Constitution.  As if the Public is too dumb to notice.

This country also had a great duty to take every means and measures necessary to protect the amendment that created Prohibition.  So in effect the President that broke that amendment should have been impeached too!

And if a President has knowledge with regard to the Constitution and yet does not share that knowledge with the public and also attempts to ignore what he knows and negate the Constitution or amendments of that; it is a far more serious crime of Treason!

What often happens is that people view their personal circumstances as human normality when in effect they are far from it!

Why did the Catholic Church recently de-emphasize certain issues? Because they took part in colluding and creating them!

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