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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Felonies Guns and Alcohol 09 26 2013

 Felonies Guns and Alcohol 09 26 2013
In the history of the United States guns and alcohol were given to the Indians in order to conquer them.  But who started that idea?  We know that the Puritans the first people to the United States believed in drinking alcohol only in moderation.
But more to the point what happens when a man drinks alcohol?  Three basic things for the purpose of this writing.
1.       People tend to act out while on alcohol. 
2.       They become addicted to alcohol.
3.       A man’s testosterone gets a boost thirty minutes after consumption.  That creates aggression accompanied with an oxygen deprived brain.  That creates conflict and violence.
The statistic is that black people experience a significantly higher prevalence of incarceration for the same crimes that white people do.  I do not believe that is a fair comparison to make, that statistic of white people has to be broken down further into subcategories of white people in order to be relevant.  For example the Moors were blacks that conquered Europe, so your Caucasian race can no longer really be considered a pure white race based on skin color, there is more to it than that!  In terms of what nationality, religion, region, etc a white person is from, not only that what those white people might have in common or not in common!  Now that would be more telling, relevant and useful.
But what is the point?  After they take away your guns they will take away your bows.  And then you are not allowed to have any knives because they will say you are dangerous.  All well and good so someone else is going to cut my food and feed it to me?  Or as science fiction episode once drew humor from, someone else is going to chew my food for me?  What is the point?  They don’t want certain people to have guns because they are responsible people and they are insanely jealous of that responsibility!  Not only that they are jealous of the freedom and adventure that responsible people have!  So their will be a death by bow and they will have to take that away to.  When in reality they don’t want you out in the woods alone because it breaks their delusion of being everything you are.  Same reason they told everyone in Europe the earth was flat (Good ole Catholic Church?) they have had dependency on human minds not their own for well over 2000 years.  Then they will want you confined to your home for no valid reason.  Sounds a lot like a King hanging a Robinhood type with his own bowstring for hunting on what the King says is his own land? 
But what is the point?  If there was no alcohol there would be no reason to take away peoples guns!  But what happened in the history of the United States?  The bad guns beat the good guns and defeated Prohibition.  If the bad gun’s had lost that conflict there would not be a conflict with good gun owners today!  And it was made part of our Constitution.  So this is the bad guns defeating the good guns again today in that it is the bad gun’s that are creating the violence caused by alcohol use and those that use alcohol sold to by the bad gun’s who prevailed in defeating Prohibition, who also own guns!  At the time Prohibition was ended we did not have the scientific knowledge that we do today!  I believe it would be a far different story today based on that knowledge if it were presented to women!
The bad gun’s are people who believe that they can do everything a responsible human adult can do.  But it isn’t true, it is a flight of fantasy!  In order to truly do something you have to incorporate the learning with regard to what you have learned already in your life so that it is part of a working knowledge that guides your split second decision making process.  Someone with an impaired hippocampus can never do that!  But they believe that they can.  So what does it cause?  Conflict with those who actually can do those things, the responsible and healthy brained human being.  This is how stupid they are,
“I saw it in my mind’s eye or third eye and I can do it too without practice!”
“Look mam, we have two eyes and each is connected to one half of our brain!  That third eye you are talking about is proof positive of a mental defect!”
(other relevant issues, oxygen deprivation to the brain and damage to the hippocampus during every stage of life.  During the first 11 months before birth the possibility of the child having a birth defect.  And I am going back two months to when the fetus was the individual two components of sperm and egg that could be subject to alcohol damage.  The size of a developing teenage hippocampus can experience a substantial reduction in volume up to 10 % from alcohol use.  And as an adult Alzheimer’s starts off by the inability to remember accompanied with associated aggressive symptoms that victim’s of fetal alcohol syndrome have too!  And Alzheimer’s patients have been found to have defective hippocampus’s.)

What is the point?  There would be a lot less felons if there wasn’t any alcohol!  Indeed I believe it is a felony to sell or give a person an addictive substance.  It is certainly against the United States Constitution core provisions of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
When you give someone an addictive substance they are not at LIBERTY to stop taking it because it is addictive.  That is what addiction is!  Then it deprives them of life by giving them an early death as well a “Down time” in life, from brain recovery from oxygen deprivation (hangover) they could have been enjoying learning new skills or spending with their children.  Pursuit of Happiness?  What are addictive substances?  They are a form of escapism.  A person using a form of escapism no longer wants to try and achieve for themselves.  You have indeed deprived them from the true reward that creates personal happiness for a human being- achievement created from first person knowledge!  You just surpassed that and took them right to the reward!  This in effect causes a gap in personal development and personal development equates to brain development and mind development!  So in effect you have derailed or obstructed the process of their human life!  I could keep going with this but…
Not only that their children will be likely to have a birth defect from the parents use of it.  And that also deprives them of the pursuit of happiness.  Not only that it can be considered to deprive them of life if you consider offspring to be an extension of one’s life?  Not a bad interpretation.  So in effect you have mentally disabled their offspring and thereby through the extension of life principle deprived them of life again.  Oxygen deprived cells are cells that are dying or more likely to die?  So you have indeed killed a part of them and that is also a violation of “life” per our Constitution.  And what happens when you create a multitude of dependent minded people who have hippocampus defects from alcohol?  Well they then seek to deprive a human being as a symbol of religious sacrifice of their human soul!  That person is deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by the others who were, but in a different way.  It is like saying we don’t need any wheels to get us through life because we will all be able to ride on a person’s back?  Who of you wouldn’t object if you were made to be that person?
Guns are part of our Constitution to keep the back riders from being able to ride backs!  And they should always be.  Missouri got it right when the invalidated or want to (not sure if or not) all federal gun laws.  Look why we have gun laws today?  They are because a man with a defective hippocampus who acted like he was other people for a living, became President of the United States by undermining the authority of the current then President of the United States, Jimmy Carter by giving Guns to the Iranians in exchange for American hostages and stealing the Presidential election by telling the American people he got the hostages back?  We have gun laws at the federal level because someone shot Reagan and tried to assassinate him.  And that person was also likely to have a defective hippocampus leading him to somehow believe in Jodie Foster in some way?  And Jody foster is a declared Lesbian, likely to be caused by alcohols detrimental influence on the hippocampus, she is another actor.  And she says that she was not a Honey Bobo girl during some awards night.  But here is another point.  Actors and Actresses are said to have ruined childhoods because they were not able to attend school with other children.  Here we have three cases of people involved in gun control laws that likely had defective hippocampsus’.  What am I getting at?  Maybe those children became actors and actresses out of necessity because they could not learn like the rest of the children could!!!!!  Why? Defective hippocampus!  I have strong reason to believe that is true! Do I need to go into what religion controls our television media today?  No I won’t go there today.  Other than to say they came from a tribe of Judah not Israel and that tribe believed in wine and incest.  Incest another known cause a birth defect related to the hippocampus!  And there it is, how it has been kept a secret!  And what is a Honey Bobo child?  There was one not three shelves away from me where I am typing right now.  She was making moaning noises like the three off worlders in the movie Blade Runner did when they came after the protagonist.  Literally it is a sound that sounds like a moaning beast! The symbolism from the movie is that the one man, a replicant shoved his head through the wall and moved his eyes around like one of those tobacco bugs and asked, “What are you doing?” as he was trying to kill the human being.  Okay so I blew the convincing with those last three four sentences; couldn’t resist, tale of the zealot got me again.  But what did those replicant’s have in common?  They did not have their own memories and they were violently and psychotically aggressive, and they did not need guns to kill people because they were physically much stronger than a human being!  The writer of that movie, Philip Dick, also publicly expressed some form of disbelief in Schizophrenia.
That’s it, I start to write and I ramble on.

 copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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