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Friday, September 6, 2013

Tom's Diet Technique 09 06 2013

Tom's Diet Technique 09 06 2013

When you feel yourself tempted to eat junk food say to yourself, that is not me that wants to eat that that is some shadow person that is with me.  This same technique of "thought straightening" works very good for anything in your life that is a problem.

So don't blame someone else after you do something bad,  first have the thought- that isn't really me that wants that!  This way you never have anyone else to blame at any time!!!  It prevents one from acting on impulse.  Acting on impulse is indeed a symptom of fetal alcohol syndrome.  And when you get older you will realize by looking at them who has been different your whole life.  You look at the picture of the fetal alcohol child with the mean marble eyes and say, that was so and so, in grade school.

That isn't really me that doesn't want me to be healthy. 

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Originally published on 09 06 2013

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