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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adolf Hitler again 09 22 2013

Adolf Hitler again 09 22 2013

So Adolf Hitler knew of the Hydrogen Blimp but not that Hydrogen Cyanide was being used to kill people?  I find that to be a stretch!  He wanted to create a master race.  And that is consistent with him having knowledge of those deaths.  What am I getting at?  The other day I heard the story of one of his body guards saying that he never knew about the death camps?? 

This is a man who would not use trench guns because they wasted too many bullets!  What does this imply?  That he had knowledge and oversight of every financial transaction made by Nazi Germany!

Now as you read that what do you ask yourself?  You ask yourself about his counterpart, the military industrial complex and how it and the people within it completely survived after the war!  Do you feel the tears coming?  I do!

What do we know about Germany?  It was a beer drinking nation.  What do we know about alcohol?  It causes the birth defect known to create mean people with defective hippocampuses.  Who were the drinkers?  The socialites in New York!  The plantation owners in the south.  The wealthy!  Do you see the structure of the World Satanic order?  They do not call someone a Voyeur as they did Adolf Hitler because he has the ability to think using his own memories.  In fact he was just the opposite!  And that type of person loathes human beings like the devil did Jesus Christ, or a race of Jesus Christ.  What did Jesus Christ say of...I believe it was the lepers, who likely drank the leaded Roman wine- Know Yeah Not that Yeah are Gods!  It means don't you know you are Gods!  And what did the Puritans that left England to form the United States believe about themselves?  They believed themselves to be Godly!!!!  So who have the Americans, particularly Northerners immediately after the civil war been?  People that are more in line with the Puritan belief system!  Not many of us left today.  What emerged of the Satanic Eurasia continent has had an attack on us for quite some time.  Whether it is sending us lead toys, or herbicides based on hydrogen cyanide or the Corporate structure of the miniature monarchy whereby only the psychotic or satanic minded advance.  To subvert the freedoms of America first and foremost you have to invalidate the accomplishment of free thinkers and discredit them- that is why the term Schizophrenic originated.

One more point.  You should read about Charles Sumner at Wikipedia, he is one of the greatest men in American History.  But more importantly England did indeed help the Confederate Slave owning South to try to win the War!  Charles Sumner demanded that they give us Canada because of that!  Charles also wanted to take the statehood away from the entire south and make it a territory open to farming and grant that land to people.  Had Charles Sumner had his way I believe it would have been a much better country.  We would not have the Satanic in corporate America.  We would not be talking to a wall with regard to cigarettes and alcohol and birth defects.  We would not have the education problems we do today. Etc Etc.  Charles Sumner spoke against slavery, an abolish-nest! He was beaten with a golden headed cane over the head!  (Story of Cane and Able comes to mind.)  The blood ran down his face and blinded him.  He hid under his desk that was bolted to the floor.  The man beat him some more.  He rose up and lifted the desk about his and ran to the stairs.  The man chased after him and beat him with that cane.  A few senators wanted to help him but other senators held a gun to them and wood not allow it!  That is the cowards as they were in that day and age and that is the cowards in this day and age.  The head of that cane was made into golden rings that those who were pro slavery wore around their necks on necklaces!  Makes you sick doesn't it!

They don't beat our heads with Canes today but they have other means to beat our heads and then declare that we are mentally ill and thereby need to be medicated.  Oddly enough two of the three founding fathers of the Republican party made statements alluding to a mental form of slavery!  All three founders of the Republican party were abolitionists.  What did Charles Sumner say that got him beat nearly to death?  Something to the effect of, "You get the words that you speak from the minds of your slaves!"  Horace Greeley also made a similar concept regarding mental slavery and the Bible!  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  The symptoms are real and they are a horror.  But the fraud of it is that it is indeed a form of mental slavery.  I would dare any Republican to be true to the Republican Party and its Origins and read this at the podium on your next grandstand!!!!!

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