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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What kind of a God Awful Person would ever mandate 09 29 2013

What kind of a God Awful Person would ever mandate 09 29 2013

What kind of a God Awful Person would ever mandate that a mother be forced to keep her mentally retarded autistic child?  That is about the worst thing that you could ever do to a young woman!  Tell her that she has to keep that mentally retarded child.

To force a mother to believe that she is no better than that mentally retarded child?  And what psychological principle takes place when she is allowed to believe that her mentally retarded child was what was supposed to normally come out of her as a baby?  It is very simple-  everything in our society gets normalized to the standard of pleasing children like that!  The nation gets shaped so that the mentally retarded are the generation that will be successful!  Wouldn't it have been a lot more productive to figure out what the cause of the mental deformity is and put a stop to it?  We very well know what the causes are!  And you know what?  They are how that woman's husband earned all his money.  Selling Alcohol and tobacco, manufacturing and polluting our water, getting a job for the government and not seeing that our sewer systems are modern and sanitary, working for an electric company and not implementing clean energy because you will have to take a pay cut.  And when you take a pay cut you won't be able to live in that neighborhood that you never belonged in in the first place!  In other words the world would no longer be normalized to your lesser standard if you had to.  If you had been were required to abide by government laws you would not have lived in the nice neighborhoods that you did!  You keep spiraling us all downward like a moose attending a water slide recreation park.

Statistics say that 1 in 3 children likely has autism today!  Maybe all of you need to be put inside the great wall of China!  What is a magog?

For all your scientific grandstanding there has never been a scientific study to just what Jesus Christ meant when he and others referred to satan in the Bible?  In Search of Satan!  All the facts are right there!  Why do we have to live with them?  Why on earth should they ever be allowed to make decisions concerning humanity?  There has never been an Ivy League College religious or otherwise to tackle that question, what did Jesus and those from the Bible Mean by Satan?  It is all right there in the Bible.

So we heard from our Pope who believes himself to be St. Francis of Assisi lately.  That is what he has allowed himself to believe that he is.  Pope why don't you get out a crayon a tablet of paper and tell us the differences between all the worlds religions?  Why don't you tell us what you think Satan was?  And you have to get it right or the issue will just keep coming back?  Do you understand human responsibility?  If you don't get it right the issue just keeps on coming back!  It isn't something that can be lied about!  It isn't something that can have an official wrongly worded speech in dismissal about and thereby glossed over.

Let's see, I offered you all wine for the nine months that woman was pregnant, the child is born with a form of mental retardation because of that and you are forced to keep it say's I!  It is a rhetorical question for someone of that type of occult to try and explain isn't it!  Anyone who would pontificate those principles is by definition Satan!

Do you know the kind of world that you like?  One where the mentally defective outnumber the healthy human being children by 100 to 1.

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