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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease 09 26 2013

Chronic Wasting Disease 09 26 2013

That last article regarding Radish brings up another highly relevant point for hunting season.  Not only is Chronic Wasting Disease present in deer in some regions of Wisconsin it is also present in the same Forests of Wisconsin from the Spore AKA feces of those very same deer.  In fact you will be able to smell it in various areas of the woods were deer have bedded down or layed spore.  It smells like a radish fungus.  So what is the cause of it?  Eating garbage or crops where the oxygen deprivation chemical Cyanide was utilized?  (in the form of Atrazine? AKA a derivative of Zyclone B from Nazi Germany, made in Switzerland today?)

I am not going to derive an analogy from Invasive Lichen Planus, to wherewolf to the Wolf Pack of Nazi Germany at this point nor how wolves think in terms of a wolf leader?  In order to do that I must first research the Origin of the lichen planus virus in connection to wolf biology.    In other words why was it named after a wolf?  Is it from a virus linked or originally found in wolves?

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