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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pro Life is the Oop's my bad approach to fertility 09 17 2013

Pro Life is the Oop's my bad approach to fertility 09 17 2013

As in “Oop’s I failed to adequately teach you about the birds and the bee’s and as an adult you are not able to give birth to healthy normal children, if you are able to conceive at all.”
When you have four separate houses that are you neighbors on your block and they had to adopt children you start to think about this stuff.
A woman’s causes of infertility
1.       Trauma to her womb from rape, gang rape and also the large penis that wouldn’t stop having sex when she started to scream type.
2.       Papilloma virus causing her vagina to become wart encrusted (Sexual relations with a sodomous double and triple dipping partner likely the cause.  That is what you get for trying to be the sexual Olympians?)  People not even able to learn how proper hygiene is an important element in planned procreation.
3.       If you think like I do that birth defects are an equivalent of infertility then you can add alcohol to the cause.
4.       Another cause of birth defects is sexual relations between members of the same family.
5.       And there is also pine tar and tobacco from cigarettes.  Pine tar or oil was known as early as the 1500’s in England to cause a woman to rapidly abort a child.

Alcohol the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  What does that mean by us that have common sense logic?  It means that it is likely the cause of the mental retardation spectrum that is now been given the politically correct term by the socialite drinking wealth class of autism.  They are too ashamed to admit that their children are mentally retarded- likely they are too!
You can tell how many real friends you have after you give up drinking alcohol!  None!  Oddly enough giving up alcohol is the very best thing a responsible human adult can do for their health.  And that includes you of the old time branch of the religion that believed in incest and wine presses.  The great thing about giving up alcohol is that you will also realize that those people you thought were so much smarter than you now seem very unintelligent.  In fact for that, what is a riddle to the majority of the population, they will be very uncomfortable around you!
The other day I spoke with a man in his late middle ages early old ages.  He had a tendon taken out of his arm and used to replace the tendon leading from his thumb to his wrist.  He told me that he did not even know when he broke that tendon or how it happened.  He was not overweight and he exercises regularly but he also consumes alcohol.  So here is the key, and it applies to birth defects to, human cells can not regenerate when they are oxygen deprived.  In fact they turn blue and die and for those young people out there that are new to common sense that is exactly what happens to a person when they are deprived of oxygen- they turn blue and die.  Why because it is the oxygen that makes the iron in the cells red, without oxygen cell respiration or the oxygen from your lungs turning your blood red again as you take another breath they turn blue and die.  Ever see a faced looking person and say to yourself- I would never want to get her pregnant?  I do!
Hydrogen Cyanide is likely in everything that you eat and drink today.  It is also likely in many household products.  Yesterday I walked into a national discount hardware store and the smell was overpowering.  I believe it to be hydrogen cyanide used in the rubber products.  Hydrogen cyanide was used in Nazi Germany to kill Jews.  It suffocates a person because the cells are no longer able to respirate!  It is banned in the European Union but us Corn Alcohol car valve caramelizing Americans use about 30 million tons of it every year! (Maybe that figure includes other countries too.)  Hydrogen Cyanide is converted to make it subsist in the groundwater by stepping up the molecule with two alcohol derivative type molecules, ethanol and isoproply????  I have heard it has contaminated the ground water of all of rural America today!  Okay my common sense kicking in again, we, from the land of the FREE, I repeat the land of the FREE are drinking the chemical that was used to kill Jews in Nazi Germany!  It is not made in the United States or is it?  But do you get the point?  There are those on our globe that abhor freedom and free thinkers!
So you give a woman a baby because she could not have her own?  A man once refuted one of my buying a common stock that sold for less book value (Whether it is half of book value or some other percent)(book value per share being the value of the assets less ALL liabilities dividing by the number of shares outstanding.)…he refuted that method by telling me that a professor once told him that if you give a person who believes in that philosophy a company he will make half a company out of it.   What am I getting at? This next part is an analogy for you young folks.  You give a man and woman who can’t have a child a healthy and normal child that they adopt and they are likely going to raise it so that it too cannot have children!
Back to alcohol, all degenerative diseases are caused and by oxygen deprivation to cell regeneration.  Okay all well and good you say.  I cannot even bring up the topic of alcohol when I take my mother to lunch because she is embarrassed by me when I speak negatively about it!
So my father did not drink when he was in the process of conceiving me with my mother.  Are some human beings born with cellular regeneration that is defective at birth- so they will age more rapidly?  Yes.  Are some human beings born with hippocampus’s that cannot convert short term memory into long term memory because alcohol caused oxygen deprivation damage to the hippocampus- they cannot learn?  Yes!  That is the exact leading cause of mental retardation autistic spectrum disorders in the United States.
Is that grade school bully that just sits there and stairs down other children one of those with a defective hippocampus?  If you could not learn in class what would you do?  You would just look at other children as if they were prey!  And that is exactly what the bully is!
That same fellow that told me about the manager that bases his business on his assets covering his liabilities otherwise known as equity also told me about the principal of Occam’s Razor.
Occams Razor basically states, what is the likely cause of something!  “The hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”  It is a general rule to be observed first in scientific observation.  In latin it reads, lex parsimoniae.  Here is another latin phrase, this one my father was fond of, Illegitimi non carborundum,” it meansDon’t let the bastards wear you down.”  Illegitimi_non_carborundum
Who were these latins?  They were the Jews that fled from Israel, and I mean Northern Israel and not Judah when the Romans invaded Israel.  They are believed to have settled in Spain.  Oddly enough all (98%) of the Irish are said to have the Spanish Gene and migrated from Northwest Spain to Ireland!
Judah is the man that Judaism the Jewish religion was founded after.  He believed in incest.  He also killed some of his own sons.  Judah was a region of now Southern Israel named after him.   Israel was the country to the north at that time and that is where Jesus Christ came from.  Joseph was a son of Judah sold into slavery in Israel/Egypt.  Jesus Christ was a son of a Joseph.  Perhaps the best quote in the bible you will ever read explaining it all is,  Nehemiah 13:15 “In those days I saw people in Judah treading winepresses on the Sabbath and bringing in grain and loading it on donkeys, together with wine, grapes, figs and all other kinds of loads. And they were bringing all this into Jerusalem on the Sabbath. Therefore I warned them against selling food on that day.”
But more importantly what is a bastard and how is it created?  A bastard is an illegitimate son.  Do they come from incestuous relationships? (A known cause of birth defects to the hippocampus)  Absolutely!  In fact that is the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Actually you get the double whammy of birth defects in that not only did Lot sleep with his own daughters but he also was drunk at the time.  How are modern bastards created?  Someone picking up someone else from a bar and sleeping with them under the influence of alcohol!  And again family members sleeping together and having to ditch the kid to avoid shame! But both of those causes to defective hippocampuses Alcohol and incest create a person that cannot convert short term memory into long term memory, ie. LEARN!  And who is it that creates a bastard?  It is a male of age that cares not how a child will be raised.  It is an irresponsible man and woman!  Here is something I find very profound, “Who is it that wants to have sex and not raise children?”  I could substitute who with what but I can hear someone cringing.  What is my point?  The pleasure should come from creating a healthy child and not a child that has a birth defect!  So the question then becomes, “What is it that would seek to create children with birth defects!!!!!!!!”  Ignorance of common sense is no excuse for ones actions?  To answer the question, maybe it is something that was very miserable all its life, every second of every day and in desperation it believed that somehow that child from the woman it made pregnant would turn out to be normal, and therefore a future type of itself would indeed be normal?  It is desperation to be normal isn’t it? And in as such it is admittance that one oneself is not normal!!!  It is an abnormal persons statement of being very close to normal and therefore my child could be?  Or more to the point it is an abnormal person adding to the ranks of the abnormal so that the abnormal rule the world.  Hence If you have a defective hippocampus and cannot learn you are not a normal human being!  I repeat, you are not, no matter how much you have struggled and adapted to being that way!
So what is the likely cause of schizophrenia according to Occams Razor?  The bastards wearing down the children of the world that were not conceived under the influence of alcohol!  If you can’t form your own memories then you need someone to talk to?  The next best thing is to find a way to create a source of dialog in your mind?  Hence a human being is abused and demonized?  Do you actually believe that I do not like myself so much that I would be creating the voices in my own mind?  Come on!  Just the opposite is true!  As a matter of fact I am forty six years old and was told today that I look like I am 25!  The observation principal of Occam’s razor states that I am not assuming very much with regard to what I know to be true from my own common sense and very good ability to turn short term memories into long term memories and learn for myself.  Fertility experts are now saying that you, either partner, should not even drink any form of alcohol for three months before you PLAN on having children.
So if you have eye’s that cannot remember who makes the best target for soul theft?  The children of the middle class who have parents that believed in the American dream and being responsible.  That child with the bright eyes who is able to convert short term memory into long term memory ie learn!  And that is the child that likes themselves!  They love life!  Can you look around in a room and tell who loves life and who doesn’t?  Nothing exorcises the evil spirits of those that would possess the soul of a human being like a long drive or road trip!  It takes them at least a day before they catch back up to you!  And during that day you have very little symptoms of hearing voices!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud created by the weak minded who believe in alcohol!  The symptoms are very real to the victim but it is still a medical fraud for the reason that they are not symptoms that are inherent to the person that is being demonized!  It is like saying the black person that was strung up and whipped a slave of the Confederates has a disease that caused welts and lacerations on his back!  That disease was a whiskey drinking slave owner!  We got rid of them but not for good!
So what is really going on here?  Rather than parents forcing a child to confront that it is different and not as good it becomes normalized in the history of the world that one is to talk to a person in their head as if they are a god for you.  It is the same archetype of the foster parents that sexually molests the child and uses the modus operand and tells others to use it to, “Just tell that child when you are doing it to them that it is normal!”  That sick creep is convincing children to believe that them being sexually molested is normal and also that people who hear voices in their heads are not normal!  JUST THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE!
So after alcohol use and promiscuous lifestyles of filth are promoted the only recourse the weak man, that made his money from such things has is to, say, “Oops my bad. I screwed up.  You're infertile as an adult, here you can have someone else’s baby.”  Bad concepts and bad conceptions.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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