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Thursday, September 5, 2013

New York New York Anthony Weiner arguing with a guy wearing a Yamelke 09 05 2013

New York New York 09 05 2013

Anthony Weiner arguing with a guy wearing a Yamelke.

So in New York it is a standard tactic when arguing with someone to make every attempt to poke their eyes out???

Isn't that about one of the most immature standards of conduct that you have ever seen?  It makes you wonder if people from foreign nations had viewed that as Americas standard business and trade tactic prior to the World Trade Center bombing.

It makes you wonder if come 09 11 2013 New York will still be there or if an act of God will have had enough?

That finger coming near my eyes is a direct threat.  When I was in high school there was an India Indian boy I went to school with and we were friends.  His older brother bought us beer.  So we got tanked up 3 beers a apiece and started to walk to the basketball game.  All of a sudden we started horsing around.  I never have never been known to hit any one.  But he took two fingers and poked me in the eyes with them.  My fist came straight out and hit him dead on in the heart.  It was just instinctive reaction to someone trying to blind me.  It stunned him and he just stood there.  It could have killed him and I am lucky it didn't.  But if I hadn't responded with force he might have continued and blinded me?

There was another kid that tried to claw my eyes out in grade school.  And he was an absolute menace that should have been expelled.  But then everyone wants to know what we do to help the kids we expelled?  All I can say is that it is a first strike in life and maybe you are not allowed to go back to regular school and have a second strike before- Puritan justice takes effect?

But apparently that is the standard business and social tactic in New York, when someone starts to get the better of you in an argument try and poke their eyes out!  I have never liked New York and I never will.  Well maybe I liked it when I was a boy and before I went to work in the Investment Industry and before I looked around as an adult and saw how polluted all our water is.  And before I started researching the history of the United States.

That is all I have to say about him other than the other friend who was with us had trouble with him in college.

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