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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wisconsin has more incarcerated blacks than two Southern States 09 26 2013 update #2

Wisconsin has more incarcerated blacks than two Southern States 09 26 2013

Just heard that on the radio.  But they also loose their drivers license for failure to pay bills.  They cannot drive so they cannot get a job.

What else?  There are 25 candidates for every job there is.

But what do those who are bound to their home then become?  They become an easy customer for the drug dealer to locate!!!!

A Reverend Briscoe said that something epic or good has to happen for them.  That is very simple and easy.  We could be a manufacturing powerhouse in Wisconsin today, but we would have to go on a new business model.  And a new recognition of what reality really is.

And in terms of the education of blacks.  I can tell you that there are teachers in the world that hear certain students think and they are highly covetous or jealous of that ability.  The Bible calls such people Satanic.  Any poor black person trying to make it out of that hole we be a target for abuse.

So is there a network whereby drug dealers are informed by insiders in the police force when a person that used drugs will be released so that they can be targeted to have their live screwed up again.

You have to think of Satan as being a radio receiver head of human thought not its own.  And hence that is where the phrase, "There is only one God comes from!"  That person with the defective hippocampus would be very confused if it had to learn from the listening to the thoughts of more than one person!   So in effect when someone whose thoughts are heard is clean and sober the easy head person called satan knows right away, just like she is Procula having a terrible dream that she attributed to Jesus Christ!  And Jesus Christ, a northern Jew, was one such person whose thoughts were heard.  I can and have proven this through logically human interpretation of Bible passages!

So what you have in the United States is a coveting and rationing of human thought in the form of business's brokering those ideas as if they were their own.  It isn't true.  A large percent of successful white people hear the thoughts of those who are labeled schizophrenic!

"There is only one God principle,"  means that all those who are human and think for themselves have their minds destroyed by those who would like to believe themselves to be that source of thought!  What effect all schizophrenic medicines have in common is that they impair a persons higher thought processes.  What part of the brain is responsible for higher thought processes?  The same part that is impaired in the Satanic through regular use of alcohol and inbreeding!  The hippocampus!!!  So in effect the feeble minded are leveling down the good human being sons and daughters to their same level of mental retardation.  Isn't that the most spiteful and horrific thing you have ever heard someone being capable of doing?

If you are of the educated middle class and have a healthy human being the satanic will be on that soul like flies at a picnic. And what gave rise to communism in Russia and China?  It was the threat that rule by the middle class posed to them.  I will have to research it a little bit further but the middle class was also known as the Borguies?

What you hear about the Third Reich in Germany is very puzzling because their was also a term that was used in communism at the same time or rather slightly preceding that called the third Continium?  It was the start of Communism and Stalin was in Communication with Hitler!  Clarification that The Communist party in Russia from 1919 -1943 was called the Comintern and also known as the Third International!!!  Too similar party names by the leaders of Russia and Germany who knew each other.  Communism thereby being the equivalent of the Third Reich in Germany?  Russia was initially content to stay out of the war.  But again both Russia and China were organized for workers rights and ended up enslaving the workers (And also experimenting on human beings.)   Not very nice is it?  Tell the working public you are for their rights and then enslave them?  "You wanted to work you get to work!"  "But I thought I would have the chance to make enough money so that I could retire and live free?" They worked people to death!  Now that is called duplicitous! ref source

The interesting thing about Communism was that it was started as a pro labor rights movement and ended up enslaving all the laborers in both China and Russia!!! The people were duped!

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