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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Alcohol Sperm and Birth Defects 09 11 2013

Alcohol Sperm and Birth Defects 09 11 2013

Okay this is also what I have been talking about!

My eighth grade Catholic School teacher, a weak minded beast of a person, told us that alcohol did not affect a mans sperm.  THAT ISN'T TRUE!

And I know what you want to say and think about it, that only healthy sperm is able to inseminate a female ova.  That is not true.   From what I remember it is a type of acid that etches into the ova.  Therefore you could still have an unhealthy sperm fertilize an human egg, because it could become in proximity to the ova and have an unhealthy tail.  Or it could even have a healthy tail and still be an unhealthy sperm.

So if a man drinks alcohol all the sperm in his prostate and testicles are likely a cause of birth defects from that day until it is voided and there is no longer any oxidative damage in his body from the "dose" of alcohol.  In which case it would need to be voided again before attempting conception,.

If you don't believe me buy a microscope and look for yourself after you drink alcohol.

There is a lot less that separates man from beast than you want to acknowledge.

All of this is simple knowledge and yet it has never been TAUGHT to the public so that they understand what it exactly means!

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