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Friday, September 13, 2013

Elect me Governor of Wisconsin and...09 13 2013

Elect me Governor of Wisconsin and...09 13 2013

You wouldn't notice the difference if we took away your children and gave you a case of beer with the image of a baby girl or boy on the cover of it!

In fact every individual unit of alcohol for sale or consumption in Wisconsin should bear the image on the label of a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome!    And that includes those who were born with the bulbous eye socket version.  We never see what the profile of these victims looks like but the bulbous eye socket has to be one of them too.  You know the eye that protrudes from the profile of the head like it is an overripe grape that has been naturally fermented or rotted inside and therefore expanded.  Don't ask me how I know these are them too.  But also those with dwarfism should be labeled.  AKA in literary terms as mean eyed munchkin's. You know the kid that had the stunted growth in adulthood ie was short and therefore grew faster and stronger as a child because his bones were shorter and therefore they could build muscle quicker because they had more leverage. Maybe the picture of a rail thinned psycho woman from the south wielding a meat cleaver in each hand or wire thin strong arms with a face made dry and prematurely age lined from alcohol and tobacco.

And for some reason a bunch of gypsies with a pop up trailers behind their cars that somehow mad enough money to live in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin in the 60's and 70's as well as today.

Oh sure you can include the well proclaimed with that super human skill of autism on a few labels too!

You can also include images of those missing limbs and in wheel chairs as the victims of drunken drivers.

And don't forget to add plenty of those brown round eyed beast people to the label imagery as per the well documented scientific measurements taken.

And a few of those marble eyed 5417 kids that you seem to be so proud of giving birth to.

As well as those with the horse rabbit front teeth that have the lisp which is also a sign of a brain defect caused by no less than alcohol.

And that agranulitis pigmentosis rapid aging child that is one too!  Alcohol is the most opportunist chemical one could find to cause any oxygen deprivation to cell development that their is!  It is an equal opportunity chromosome agonist in terms of causing birth defects!

You will no longer be able to put the image of a professional sports player on your label.  You know the ones that make all their money through the sale of alcohol.  But grew stronger because no energy was ever needed to be expended in order to do their own human thinking?  Did you ever wonder how professional athletes became better at being able to speak in public?  Ask yourself this, Could you speak well in public after you just exerted yourself athletically and were on an endorphin high from it?  No you couldn't!!!! But somehow they are able to????  It doesn't come from practice.

The law should be that if you sell alcohol in Wisconsin without real world reality imagery approved on the label that alcohol can be confiscated with the use of deadly force.

And what do we do with the confiscated alcohol?  We put it in those oil tanks located on Jones Island and by the dump on county line road!  They will be used to for free fuel for everyone that abhore's alcohol.  Those who don't should have never received a drivers license.  Not only that there is no where that they need to take a car to go to!  That is right you will be deputized to own an alcohol burning new age car!  Free Fuel for you I say!

Okay so this article takes it a little far?  No those are all descriptions of those who have birth defects from alcohol!  I don't like it either!  But it is a reality that has never been recognized.  Those victims have never been given a voice!!!!  Mothers against drunk driving comes close.  Mothers against bullies would be another group that should be formed.  Why?  Meanness is another unrecognized trait of fetal alcohol syndrome!  Yes it is!

Sure instead of a beer with a celebrated picture of a monk chosen a life separate from human society on the label you can give us the modern equivalent a Catholic Priest from the sexual predator website!  Drink up you Wisconsin filth!

And if we add up all the poor decisions that have been made by people under the influence of alcohol you pretty much get EVERY problem that has ever been created in the history of the world!

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