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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Commentary on George Bush in Ireland Banned video 09 22 2013

Link to George Bush in Ireland banned video!!!!

Commentary on above video!!!

He is telling what we are to presume to be an Irish Catholic that he has a better or different God than her?  It draws from a passage from the Bible when Jesus is sleeping in the stern of a ship and a storm comes up.  Each of the disciples or crew above calls to their own personal Gods to no avail!  To no answer.  He has something he needs to reveal about what the exact nature of God is to him!  He started to but realized he was going to fumble and stopped in this interview.  Not only that but she should be on CNN today and not the slate of Reprobates we have on their today!  I don't like the way he draws on an answer after he has already given it and ones asks him to clarify on a specific of that point.  He evades the question and insults the interviewer.  Can you tell that he does not respect the Irish intellect?  Why not?  Because the English as he is have been able to bamboozle the Irish.  The Irish had kings 500 years before the Druid nation of England he has nationality from.  In fact the Irish can trace their descend ency back to the Kings of Biblical time.  98% of the Irish have the Spanish Gene.  The Israeli's at the time that the Satanic Roman empire conquered the Judah/Israel co-nation are said to have fled to Spain.  And it was indeed from Spain that the Irish are said to have migrated to Ireland from.  They have been on the run from the likes of dependent minded filth for over 2000 years.  That is your community of Christ lineage!!!  Can almost be considered a better species!  Condescending is the word we can use to describe his attitude towards the Irish and the American people.

Is there part of history about the Muslim race taking more slavic's slaves than anyone in the history of the world that I am missing?   And what is the origin of the Muslim race?  Something to do with Spain or not?

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"I have a personal relationship with God."  What does that imply?  It implies that God is a person that he knows!  He knows about the life  of such and his God knows about the life of him.  I once heard someone say on the television that your mother never leaves you.  I rich Republican of today in one of my writing groups also told me that your Wife is your God!  I have also heard men say or rather heard Howard Stern portray or allude to a relationship with his mother as such.  In the Bible the words Jesus Christ speaks when he say's, "Whoa I say to thee."  Appear to be his mother speaking through him.  What does all of this imply?  A race of women making decisions in the minds of men?

What do we know of the Druid race from the Angled Land Continent of England?  Their Gods where the  people that they impaled in a manner very similar to sacrificial crucifixion.  The Occult purpose of that impaling was to divine the Gods attention who were with that person.  Indeed the Bible tells us of how the master of Joseph who was the son of Judah whom the Jewish Religion was founded upon was sold into slavery by his brothers.  They told Judah that Joseph died when in fact they sold him for 20 bars of silver into Egypt slavery.  But the point is that the Bible Quotes that Josephs "owner" saw that God was with him!  And therefore he liked him.  What does it mean that God is with you?  It means that your hippocampus was not damaged via alcohol poisoning oxygen deprivation and you are at peace with yourself when you work--seamlessly connecting memories past and present in a world of your own beauty as you work.  That is the function of the Hippocampus.  These early people probably dissected such people see how their brains were different and what did they find?  That the hippocampus structure forms a Halo around the center of the brain stem!!!!!  Hence the phrase I see your halo?  In contrast to the birth defect caused by weekly administration of alcohol at mass of a hippocampus that never grew.  It is the leading cause of mental retardation in the "Western" world. So what does this imply?  That Joseph through translation was the God of his slave master!!!!  He bought a God!

George please tell us who your God is?  When I grew up I was taught to believe in only one God.  To me that meant that the power of goodness was a constant in terms of the God factor of creation.  And that is what I believe in today.  Contrast this to the descendents of Rome who believe in a God Father or mother that might not necessarily be related to their family.  What we are getting into is immaculate conception in terms of a holographic image of a persons soul trumping into the brain sphere of someone that has had a defective hippocampus from birth or otherwise!  And what do they do to the source of that holographic lifes image today?  That person is made to hear attrition forces in their head until they give up thinking using their own personal memories and are put on medicine for having a split human soul.  That is indeed what Sigmund Freud accurately termed people Schizophrenia being derived from the words that mean split mind!!! So there you have it!  And if I have to read one more article written by Meg Kissinger on the subject I am going to die of a broken human heart.

I don't believe that we have ever heard who the Jews say their God is?  But what do we know?  The religion bears its name from Judah!  Who believed in incest.  But he was worse than that.  He killed his sons to sleep with the wife that went from one to the next of them after he killed them. (You have to look very carefully at the data but they have the highest divorce rate of any religion 30%!)  Another interesting fact regarding divorce is that research analysts have the highest divorce rate upper 80%  That is what I was.  And it doesn't seem right! - that the smartest people in our world cannot find a compatible mate that is not dependent minded?  And incest also creates a birth defect in the Hippocampus.

And again I am not antisemitic and never will be because I know that some Jews suffer from schizophrenia (split mind) to.  And how are minds split?  The first step is to create trauma, isn't it?

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