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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Class Structures in the United States and world 09 26 2013

Three Class Structures in the United States  and world 09 26 2013

1. Blue Collar and Non-Working Class
 A. Blue Collar likes to work and knows its intelligence limitations.
 B. Non-Working Welfare Class- Does not like to work and denies it' intelligence limitations.  Resents the educated.
 C.  Poor make up the lowest class of society.  However there are poor who have the ideology of the middle class, straight laced, believe in sportsmanship and quality education.  And what happens to them?  They are defeated by drugs, crime and the Third Class and the bartenders daughter class.

2. Educated Middle Class.
A. The middle class seeks to raise their children to be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.
B. Would never want someone else to raise their own children!  Accepts that responsibility with enthusiasm.  Adamantly does not believe in creating or siring bastards or getting women pregnant out of marriage.  Believes in the concept of mating for life.

3. Socialite Class
A. Presumes to define what work should be, who should be doing their work, etc.
B. Does not know or recognize its own intelligence limitations.  And is very reluctant to accept its own personal limitations; hence what is good for humanity is not recognized by civilizations.  A flawed narrow minded or tunnel vision of society is projected onto the world by this class, and it is done to protect their weak sense of self.  Legislation made by them amounts to a desperation attempt to preserve a fragile self identity!  Or a superego that is not their own!
C. Believes the other two classes are assets to be expensed.
D. Has limited knowledge of what is best for the future of humanity.  No Constructive vision for the future.
E. Often have bars in their homes making this class a "Bartenders Daughter Class."  Because of this fact one can suspect that many in this class have defective hippocampus brain function with the result being manipulative verbal ability without constructs of higher reasoning based on hippocampus function.  Lack meaningful organizational skills related to governing because of this unrecognized memory processing and learning deficit!
F. Has concentrated the wealth of the United States through legalese distortion and perversion of United States law.
G. Believes itself to be superior without an actual basis for that, and that creates conflict with the middle class.
H. Hires illegal aliens with money under the table to be their servants.  Subverts the Democracy and freedom of the United States with this principle.  It is spitting in the face of Democracy by Confederate minded.

I have a lot more to add to this as the psychology behind it fits into every civilization of the world and can be expressed as an element of every conflict or war.

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