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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Birth of Casualty Insurance in the United States 09 22 2013

The Birth of Casualty Insurance in the United States  09 22 2013

The train tracks used to run right by the farms of Rural America.  Trains are indeed one of the most efficient forms of transportation.  But what also was concurrent with the railroad industry in the United States?  The Great Depression with hobo's abound on the tracks.  What am I getting at? A barn is basically like your house or garage; it is not likely to burn down if you just leave it sit alone and go for a drive in the country.  Unless of course you have had negligent contractors do electrical work in your home- as we have, I caught it in just the nick of time however.

So you have a bum riding on a train past barns of rural America and he is thinking of how to make a living.  Maybe he isn't a bum at all or maybe he was paid by a lead bum, as the theme of Oliver Twist?  To do what you ask?  To set fire to your barn, run, catch the train and make it back to the city.  Whereby after a weak or two or few days if the competition is great- a related party comes back and sells you casualty insurance!  Oddly enough Warren Buffet always boasted about how profitable the casualty insurance business is.  He is one of the worlds richest men and he made it through the insurance business.  And what of great casualties?  The Government ends up bailing out the banking functions that have merged with the insurance companies!!!! The taxpayer pays the bill and salary for the bum network as was the exact case when we bailed out the banks in ~2007-.  And also the automotive companies that had assumed financing operations otherwise known as banking!

What am I getting at?  Do we create jobs for the sake of employment even if they degrade every spirit of the Constitution?  And sure I was young once and did not know anything about how one earns a living to support a family.  I mean when I was young I was as lost as the next person in terms of what I wanted to be as an adult human being.  I can tell you one thing I would have never wanted to make my living by well orchestrated financial fraud!  "We are going to create a financial crisis whereby many will go hungry and die are you in?"  Response, "Point my boat in the direction of a new homeland, I can't stand anything about you or the bad communities you foster!"

Do farm herbicides create a hormonal imbalance such that farmers who use them have a propensity not to have male sons?  There used to be a school every mile in Iowa!  Now those towns are ghost towns.  Not only that they say that people of rural America have a very low IQ!  We know that the main chemical in the most widely used herbicide in the United States is a derivative from the oxygen depriving chemical from Nazi Germany Hydrogen Cyanide AKA Zyclon B!

What has corporate America now done?  They are buying up farmland left and right as much as they can!  Do you know what?  We are going to have to have wealth reallocation based on brains scanned for the Satanic/ ie defective hippocampus mind.  It is the only way to assure the continued existence of the Human Being!  We may have already done this the equipment was in place at major airports so the process could be facilitated rather easily by looking through the records!!!

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