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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Syria? We go after the countries that know of the bastardized mind??? 09 03 2013

Syria? We go after the countries that know of the bastardized mind???  09 03 2013

So the construct becomes once someone knows what you are death to them?  It would imply that there is something greatly shameful about you?

Sure Russia will come over with delegates.  But here is what will happen, they will either support Barrack and therefore end up reinforcing his decision as a matter of plan?  Right, look like you greatly object and then under pretense act like you were won over?  Now that would be a safe sell to the American Public.  And when there is a draft it is never the adult with the bastardized mind that goes off to war it is the bravest Americans there are who enlist and are drafted. Not the coward of the Bastardized mind.  Either it happens that way or it paves the way for greater conflict?

But it is very interesting that Russia would send delegates to the U.S.?  I don't know what to make of it.  At first reaction I thought it looks like Russia is trying to be anti war and sway Barrack to be antiwar.  But that is a communist and also confederate nation so I am not convinced of that.  But what does it accomplish?  It brings Communism influence into our Government.  Now Barrack studied communism.  What I do know about Russians is that they are very pragmatic!  But the Confederate mind is a different species wherever it lives.  Many Americans don't realize it and we are about the last country that has a scintilla of brave men left.  That Confederate Russian mind is a lot like the Republican mindset, the Socialite Democrat or the Pomposity of English pseudo intelligence.  They are all creations of the circle of poison!

I have said it ad infinite, there is a great majority of the world population that is born with a mild brain development birth defect that arises from oxygen deprivation and other harmful influences to the development of the hippocampus.  It is the seat of memory.  It is the heart of the human soul.  Just as I say Aides patients have lost their human immunity, people who are born to the influence of alcohol have a compromised human soul.  One could say that along with immunity factors that parents pass along to their children there are also human memory construct formations that are passed along; it is really part of the same immunity or human factor.  Those who are born having been compromised by alcohol do not have the ability to form their own human memories.  The neuronal interface between the ova and sperm in the hippocampus is not normal.  It creates the inability to rely on ones own memories.  Honest to God the exoskeleton of the human skull forms around your brain and that alcohol passes right past that defense and takes away what makes you human.  So once they are born this way they have to adapt to live among the rest of us.  And it doesn't matter if a new generation could be born healthy because they become the same feeble mind because they are raised through that bad adaptation method!!!  So after how many generations can it be said their brains have lost the capacity to be normal???  One wonders.

So you think that you don't care what I write because you are one of these and therefore safe?  Wrong!!!  The greatest abusers of that Confederate minded people are the Confederates themselves!!!  Just as there is no honor among thieves there is no humanity among savages.  There is a pecking order or code among them that is horrific.  Why?  Because they feel so little about themselves that they do not respect the life of those they know are exactly like them.  It works this way one of them finds a way to gain an advantage and then the rest who are like them become victims of that advantage, and really have nothing to say about it for fear of being exposed in some way or victimized by someone else that has an advantage.  It creates a rubble foundation.

Now that is a very poetic phrase isn't it?  "Rubble Foundation"  There is a lot of comedic potential there isn't there.  An advertisement being seen on public television in a science fiction movie, "The Rubble Foundation proudly sponsors...."  Can it be said that all Foundations and Charities are really Rubble Foundations?  Can it be proven in the slightest of way in every case? 

Can you read the epithet of a nation, "And Beatrice Wimpletonn of the Rubble Foundation was President during the great Pandamonium ....

What is the point?  For all the groups that collect and facilitate the use of money for what seems to be a legitimate cause we don't really see any positive results in our society, for all the public really knows they could all have the same exact name, "The Rubble Foundation"

And if there is indeed a Rubble Foundation out there if you were truly a Foundation you would not object to my literal satire of the misuse of United States capital.

"He would have been better off mowing his lawn," one might say of a founder of a Rubble Foundation.

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