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Monday, April 29, 2013

How did the Drugs get into Viet Nam 04 29 2013

How did the Drugs get into Viet Nam 04 29 2013


My Cousin said that they all did them.

1.        They weren’t made in either the United States of Viet Nam.

2.       We don’t buy them directly from people firing their guns at us.

3.       So the heroin had to have come from Afghanistan? 

a.       You don’t land commercial planes on military fields and unload drugs, so they had to have come by an “Olive Drab” plane.

b.      And the man that is President of Afghanistan was also President of NATO?  North American………what does Afghanistan have to do with NATO???  Check the facts on this one.

c.       At what level of chain of command do they enter Viet Nam?  Someone had to have known!  Why wasn’t anyone ever prosecuted?  It is the same Satanic construct again- ruin young men’s lives right after they finished their education because you are Satan and part of their school of thought and no longer want to be?

Were the drugs in Viet Nam a concerted effort?  Did the Viet Kong want and know when U.S. soldiers were high and attack them?  Did satanic members of our military wait for our soldiers to get high and then shoot them via friendly fire?

Is their only one form of government for the mind of the Satanic~ communism?  And wasn’t Communism further established in Russia after WWII?

I would think getting drugs into the military would be like walking out of Fort Knox with Gold Bars in your pockets- it’s not going to happen!

Drugs are not part of the U.S. Culture.  They are a key tool in the satanic culture to ruin the lives of young men who can think for themselves!  It should not be a matter if you are free to use them or nor should it be a matter that others should be able to ruin your lives with them!  To sell someone an addictive drug is unconstitutional because it deprives them of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!  We have the grounds for a second Civil War on that basis; as a matter of fact a Civil World War!

You know they are the equivalent of witchcraft!  I would think that at some point parents would get pissed and go on the war path on this one!  And I wouldn’t blame them!

The networks have never been broken or ever defeated! Can we say for sure they are an extension of Alcohol bootleggers that broke Prohibition in the U.S.?   American Jews don’t care!  They want to return to Israel is what they are said to pray 3 times a day but it is the alcohol from Wine Rome and the minds that IT created that drove them from Israel in the first place and concurred them.

Satan is not a member of any one religion it is a state of the developmentally compromised mind that adapted to act normal around the rest of us.

Can we test all citizens for drugs in their system as a matter of maintaining U.S. Citizenship?  I think that we should.  Do you know what?  If we evicted you no one would want you!

And how do we get you to reveal your source of drugs without threatening you; without threatening to kill you if you don’t tell where they came from?  Willful defeat of our Constitution in this manner is an Act of Treason!  Addictive substances deny U.S. Citizens of their Constitutional rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  And they are Unconstitutional and an act of treason for many more reasons too.
What do we know about the Asian Communist mind and Viet Nam?  We know that the day that Jesus Christ a Jew was born there were three kings from the orient there to offer Myhhr to him for the day he died some 30 -40 years later.  Look at it in the terms of the Satanic mind and ask yourself how they knew?  They did not have their own human souls!

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