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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Drive Through the Core of Milwaukee 04 30 2013

A Drive Through the Core of Milwaukee 04 30 2013

What do you see?  You see skinny black men who like they have been dealt drugs to.  They look mangy.  Often their hands have a white dirt on them.

What do you think?  You think they look no better than if they were dropped off from an overcrowded slave ship.  If you don't feel like crying you don't believe in equality.

We know that they have potential because Barrack Obama made it.  But Barrack has been in office for over four years and we have not seen him give an anti-drug message!  Here is the first Black President in the history of the United States and he has every opportunity to make an anti drug message and he is not doing so!  Is he trying to imply that he got where he is by doing drugs or selling them.

Like it or not there were blacks who played the part of slave master for white people.

I just can't understand this.

They tell us that 99.99% of us are exactly the same.  That means if you have a mind that is satanic or not of your own it was done for the reason of money?  Or it developed differently because of drug abuse of your biological parents during conception?  That wouldn't make a genetic difference.  But it would be like someone getting hit on the head with a black jack- you get hit on the head with a black jack and there is no genetic difference from what you were before.

Speaking of which.  The 21st of the month is always a bad time.  The numbers 21 that indicates a reverse order of chronology.  Who do we know might be like this?  The druids!  And what is there symbol?  It is two fingers down!  That means down with the future and back to simple feudal times?  That is a secret English Belief system.  And it is indeed the symbol that Winston Churchill gave when we won the war.  He was indeed a member of the Druid Society!!!!  You watch how bad things will happen in the United States and you will map them pretty close to the 21st of the month!  That is indeed the death calling card of the Druids.  The English provided the south with the muskets during the Civil war!  Does that tell you who they were supporting?  That two fingers down is emphasizing down with the future 2 being more than 1.  Are these indeed God's favorite children?  That is cynicism from the Bible.  Luddite is also and English Term.  It means that they hated technological increase in England.  Why?  Well just think of the Archetype of a Druid!

The 21st is also the gambling game everyone wants to tell you that you will have the most success at!  Don't believe it!  You are far better sitting at a poker table with a bunch of satanic minded dolts than playing black jack.  And what is that druid symbol of black jack?  Well it is also a lead pipe people hit you over the head with to make you stupid the rest of your life.  What else is it?  DRUGS of all kinds are your English Druid black Jack.  And what country was the bank that laundered the money coming into the United States from South America?  It was an English Bank!  And who Black Jacked the Gulf of Mexico with oil?  That was also an English Company!  And who were the first Corporations?  They were indeed Pirates for the Monarchy given immunity!  And you will see these tattooed English creeps in every locker room you go to!  Are they waiting for opportunity? You damn right they are!  Just wait if you work out for 2 or 3 hours and are tired they will be there and want to confront you!  Personal trainers do this too!

You know it can't be argued that England has not been backward since WWII just like a druid would want it to be!

And who else was a pirate like Corporation?  The Dutch East Indies Corporation the founders of the New York Stock Exchange!   A druid is a druid no matter what country or color they are of.

But it has spread into all of the United States today.  Where did the drugs come from?  Where did the drugs come from?  Please is there an authority in the United States that can tell us where the drugs came from?  Any authority in the United States that can tell us where the drugs are coming from?

So Great Britain was indeed nothing compared to the United States immediately before WWII.  And Hitler was afraid England would poison him.  Sometimes you can tell a lot about people by what their fears are!  Isn't it often that those who we are afraid of we are afraid of for a very good reason?  Is that the validity of your personal experience?  It is the validity of everyone's personal experience isn't it!  Some things you think about and you just can't deny to yourself.  Sure you may try to but don't you always end up being a victim again when you deny the validity of your own personal experience.  Forgive but don't forget!  That is indeed counter to the Catholic Faith.  Oddly enough them old Russian women got the concept right- Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!  That is more valid!  The druids probably don't like that believe because it involves you learning and learning is of course progress.

Are there Irish Druids too?  Yes.  But the first English Jews that came over to Ireland were sent home by King Muenster!  Then English Jews were allowed to come to Ireland.  They build a brewery!  Then the food all goes to England and there is a famine!  Then Irish are dying left and right!  Then you have what is called Norther Ireland!  It is like Israel and Palestine isn't it!!!  We know that the English did terrible things to the Irish!  Horrific things to them.  Who are the English, the Germans the Romans- Think pockets of wealth all around the world that do not have their own human soul?  You have to think of the driving forces of world history as being from the motivation of often socialite satanic wealth! 

The particle beam was indeed Invented by the Russian Immigrant Tesla,  He marketed it to England and Europe.  We know that their was commicae there.  But if you turn up the amplitude of a particle beam or any waveform device eventually you will get it so high that you can displace the electrical synapses that perform the thinking function of the human brain.  It was an Englishman who told me back in 1990 that our Government specifically FBI had a device that could induce a seizure in someone.  And indeed U.S. Colonel John Alexander of late Night talk radio revealed way back in ~1990 that the department of defense had created synthetic telepathy.  The origins of it date back farther than that.  Radio operators in WWII were driving crazy by the naval radio equipment.  What happens?  The synapses of the human brain were displaced.  Likely there was damage.  But there would not have to be for a satanic shadow person to wreak havoc with that naval radio operator once his synapses have been displaced.  Shadow Person.  You get the idea "Me and my shadows?" song!

Okay so if you Druids don't like progress how come you don't go after the non lethal weapons in our society?  Because it isn't really that you don't like progress, you just don't like the reality of minds that are smarter than yours.

So the construct is no progress, no progress, no progress.  Until you finally catch up and then can control the progress?  I can understand why you don't like progress!  You are not responsible enough to control progress- think of highly radioactive radium in the water table of Waukesha Wisconsin the county were the Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin came from.

Since I mentioned Israel my next article in line was to be Profile of a College Campus Rapist.  The druids don't want me to write it.

We gave Indians Alcohol and Tobacco and then we say they aren't as smart as the rest of us?  Don't believe it.  Alcohol and tobacco is indeed a tool the satanic use to dumb down a population.  Makes them easy targets for black jacking.  It is probably even some part of economic theory that you need that poor uneducated class to boost your profits. The point is that if all of us are 99.99% the same it means that differences in intelligence and cognition are due to factors like pollution (Druid alchemy byproduct) and the teachings of either educated or uneducated parents?

The Mexican says to his 10 year old son, "Here Sancho have some tequila and take a siesta under the palm tree?"

The Satanic do not learn the same way as the true human being.  They learn by a gypsy method of "To be all that he is already"  Contorted U.S. slogan.  Translates to, "Be all that he can be and make sure that he isn't."  And indeed that is a Catholic Belief from the Bible, "And we will lead the life he led for us."  Ask yourself why the cut Jesus Christ, a true Jews, life short on the cross?  His thinking was very advanced as compared to a Roman who declared himself a church state God by lighting people on fire and hanging them upside down and chewing off their testicles?  Yes that was a Roman Caligula!  Does Caligula remind you of Wisconsin's very own Jeffery Dahmner?  Would the Romans have made Jeffery Dahmner an Emperor?  No he would have made himself an Emperor with their help.

Which gets me to the next point?  Are there one or two an Italian American Organizations that controls all liquor distribution in the United States.  Wait a minute what of Roman leaders reaching their pinnacles by committing horrific acts?  In other words they got to their positions of leadership by killing as many people as possible and drinking wine laced with lead.  How do the Catholic Priests get where they are?  How many children were molested by them when the number is supposed to be Zero!

So we have drug lords that control our inner cities?  And that is why those kids are skinny?  Isn't a drug lord really lie a pirate?  The United States has had a way of sticking up for peoples rights!  But I cannot remember hearing one anti-drug message from Barrack Obama who hails from Chicago the black heart of what a Frank Sinatra song?  Look at an old Frank Sinatra song and you will see that there was something he was mortally terrified of!!!!  There is some lifetime history with regard to Frank Sinatra that we have not heard.  Maybe his daughter Nancy knows and will tell us?  Do we need to put Nancy on police protection security watch because of this?

That's how I think.  I don't need to hear the voices of your mongoloid sons and daughters beamed into my head.  If that is what you do you never belonged in the United States!  Never!!!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 30 2013 at:

PS. If you are down with the number two it means that all you really believe in is number 1.  That is a me philosophy.  Okay so lets see you achieve something on your own?  Lets see you raise your children on your own.  We already know you can't!  So if all you believe in is number one as is the implied symbolism of druidism then you are also for the monarchy and the miniature monarchy call the corporate business structure.  And the Corporate business structure was indeed solidified in the United States after WWII.  The Axis force of Italy was indeed where one of the first forms of the Corporation evolved.  It was a burial group!  Would you want to live in a neighborhood where there are members that believe in the concept of a burial group?  Do you get it?

Or does down with 2 really mean down with any one with the second archetype of Jesus Christ?  A Pagan belief system based on your moon clock based in England?  If you are a Pagan you don't believe in God.  So the number 2 really means down with anyone who tells you what to do.  God's favorite children again?  Can't be told what to do!  They want to be number one even though they are really number two.  So when they make that Druid symbol it really means down with themselves!  I already knew you were pagan lowlifes!

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