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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monkey Minds 04 29 2013

Monkey Minds 04 29 2013

Have you ever gone to the Zoo and seen how much hatred is in the eye's of the Gorilla for your child?  Well that is how it was when I visited Sampson at the Milwaukee County Zoo as a boy.  It would bound off the walls trying to break out of there and get at me!

If you ever wondered what is meant that the Devil Loathed Jesus Christ I just told you!ts.

Do you want to try the test?  Take a child who is bullied to see a Gorilla at the zoo and see how the Gorilla reacts!  Take one who is a bully.  Take one who will be bullied.

It will know when one is coming around the corner!

You will find that if you don't want your child to be attacked your child has to first view the Gorilla with emotional sympathy and then as an equal.  It works.  But no child should have to go through those psycholigical constructs or psychological reasonining or pyschodrama!  We should never be subjected to it when it comes to a lesser race that cannot think for itself!!!

Nor should we ever be taught to have to feel guilty for our thoughts with regard to that which we find threatening to our lives like the Catholic Church suggests we should, "I have sinned in my thoughts?"  Was it just your imagination or was it cursing?  And what would the modern Gorilla like more than anything else?  That you would have a reason to have cursing thoughts with regard to it so it can learn to be more like you from them? 

Who opened the cage door and let them out in every color?

That's all there is to it!

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