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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trench Guns and Gang Raped 04 30 2013

Trench Guns and Gang Raped 04 30 2013

The other day I was reading in the local paper how one of Hitler’s food tasters finally came forward with her story.  There were about 15 women who tasted Hitler’s food to make sure that the English had not poisoned it, as was his fear.  When the Russian’s came into town they shot 14 of them.  One of them had already left and that was her story.  The Russians took her to a Doctor’s office and gang raped her for two weeks there!  That indeed compares with the horrors of the Axis Forces.  And indeed Russians killed the greatest many people in world history through executions?

She said that she could not have children because of them and that they ruined everything!

Anyhow.    What that rape reminds me of is an awful lot like how we heard rape chants at Ivy League schools.  We also hear of hazing’s there to.  And these are the graduates who go on to become bankers, derivatives experts and politicians.

We also hear of this horror in the poor communities.  And indeed there is a great incidence of human trafficking that follows the same Satanic theme.  Is it a hatred of their mother that drove them to do this?  What was their mother like?  What is more likely to be true is that they never had a strong father figure!  I have a hard time believing that a son who had a good father would be the next one on?  But what if a good son joins a frat and is not the next one on?  He has been complacent with the crime hasn’t he!  He was not a good man because he failed to ACT!  Granted if he tried to act he would have been outnumbered and may indeed have suffered the same outcome as the woman who was gang raped.  So he is a putz all his life too.

Is there Satanic occult motivation for the horror of this act?  I believe so.

So a woman is gang raped at a Fraternity?  (Which is essentially a druid English infiltration into our higher learning system?)

I believe that woman should be given a trench gun, automatic machine gun, Tommy Gun, whatever you call it and be able to take vengeance on that fraternity!  Are there fraternity members in our society who have this dark secret they are keeping from the rest of us?  Are they in high levels of our society in terms of money and power?  Yes!

So she goes in there on initiation day and blasts up the place.  What does that mean?  The son’s in that fraternity will no longer have a dark secret to keep?   Based on my life’s experience, being the son of two teachers and living in one of the wealthiest communities in Wisconsin if not the United States, I can tell you that the parents are absolutely no different than the children.

Are there women who this happened to who obtained high level paying jobs in our society because they went along with it?  As far as I am concerned I don’t care to see a woman on network television bragging about how her being sexually LIBERATED got her to where she is?

And why do young women come home from college early?  We both know the reason!  It is the same reason that we are finding out about kids dropping out of grade school and high school they are traumatized and scared to death to go back.

Women are always complaining about equal pay in our society.  What you don’t realize is that it is women themselves who tip the pay scale in their favor and ruin it for the rest of you!  She kept her mouth shut after it happened and was rewarded for the rest of her life for it!

I don’t care to see a carp mouthed SHITZGA telling us the news on television!  That is not what builds family values.

It is my religious belief as it was Jesus Christ’s, a Jews, that Satan is among us and does not have his/her own soul.  So if you don’t have your own soul how do you get one?  By traumatizing others I would believe and that is the dark side of religion and the occult.

So you give that woman the trench gun just like you did Joan of Arc the sword and that will indeed be enough of Satanic filth in the United States of America!  And there are indeed quite a few of her out there who have been victimized!

So am I really advocated a young woman taking a trench gun to those who gang raped her?  For legal purposes I am not.  But it would indeed make a good plot for a movie!  We see all kinds of horrific plots in movies today and the Protagonist is also the criminal in them.  Criminals are glorified as Protagonists!!!

Have you ever seen 5, 10, 15 people given a jail sentence for gang rape?  It sure has never been publicized in our media!!!

Again I am not advocating that a woman do this!  But why has our judicial system failed to address this?  Is it because many of these in higher education go into the legal field?

You see I would not want one of those Russians who gang raped her as my neighbor!  But that is just me?  I don't even have daughters or sons.  And I would have no respect for anyone who indoctrinates their children and others into the occult by raping them so that they "get that out of the way," psychological construct.  You know the ones, it is going to happen anyway so we better just get it out of the way and have an apathetic response to any instance of it in our society because it already happened to us?
 I am not advocating this.  But I have indeed seen many young woman going to the gun stores and wanting to buy assault rifles!  It struck me as odd at first, just like the idea of 10 year olds hunting.  And their faces look like they have been traumatized!

So Barrack Obama went to Harvard?  Does he have dark secrets from his college day’s he is not sharing with the rest of us?  Was he in a Fraternity?  Is this the motivation behind gun control.

Do you know that the first case of gun control in the United States happened after Ronald Reagan gave arms to IRAN in order to gain public favor and win the election from Jimmy Carter?  After someone attempted to assassinate Reagan we had gun control legislation!  And Reagan indeed fostered what the Republicans taught today as an enemy of the United States.  I had to look up the roots of Reagan because I thought it would show he was from Northern Ireland but his roots weren’t they are from Tiperary (sp?)County in Southern Ireland.  That still doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sired by an English Druid though.

I view Joan of Arc as a Hero!  If you owned a castle with a dungeon you would have had a different and popularized propagandized opinion of her.

And do I have Jewish neighbors that taught their children to take off their clothes as I come walking by outside?  Yes!  It has happened three times! 



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Everyone credits the English for the Industrial Revolution but that is Watson’s Bollox.  If they had they would have made cars too.  Cars that everyone would drive not just an item for the Queen!  What did the British do when they came to the United States  they created a business structure whereby they could presume themselves to be Royalty, the President being the King of a Corporation.  Everyone gets no pension upon retirement, etc.  They created management positions in the U.S. in a miniature Monarchy structure of the Corporation.  The word was first used to describe burial groups.  Corp being the body and ration meaning to divide up.  Just like Judas and bars of Silver and Jesus Christ.

And the British thrived on draining Capital and destroying our work force.  That management skill never belonged in the U.S.  And it was indeed the South who was most like Great Britain.  They took slaves whereas the North didn’t.  Both Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin described leaving England as the Jews Escaping from Israel!

They got into the banking business in the U.S. and then we had the stock market collapse, Great Depression and Genocide.

If the English did indeed spur the innovation of the Industrial Revolution then they would have went on to mass produce automobiles and make them available to everyone.  But they didn’t.  Why not?  Because that is not the motivation of the monarchy.  The motivation of the monarchy is to have one made for yourself and that is all and that is just what they did.  That motivation does not create an Industrial Revolution nor does it result in innovation.  Then they left China just in time for China to start mass manufacturing goods for the rest of the world?  And we are told of course that Communist China no longer uses slave labor. 

What are we told from the Bible?  It is implied that those of the orient are from a far different race than meets the surface.  How else did the three Kings of the Orient know to bring myrrh to the birth of Jesus Christ?  The same drink that the Satanic Romans gave him when he died on the cross at the end of his life.

They like to take credit for the Industrial Revolution just like they do for Higher Education?

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