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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What does it really mean 04 30 2013

What does it really mean 04 30 2013

What does it really mean when we say that we don't want child molester's living right next door to us?  Let's not mince words here on this issue!  It means that we don't want them in our society!  Oh they can live 200 feet away and all that.  Be true to yourself concerning all of them.  It means we don't want them in our society!  And our society is our country!  But our country is not our entire world although some would like you to believe all countries are the same and their is nothing wrong with bolstering the economy of a country that has values that are diametrically opposed to our own.  Do you see what has happened?  The interests of Corporate businessman has superseded our national values and our Constitution and become  a threat to all of us.  And we can't evict them because it will just come back to haunt us.

If you don't want them in our society what is your real conclusion or what should it be.

Let me be very clear about this.  When you take away the rights we are guaranteed by our Constitution, with the stroke of a pen, you might just end up taking away the part of our Constitution that guarantee you yourself, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

And what happens when you take away someone's rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?  It is a reality that they come back for your first of the three rights!  It will always be a reality.  For those who can't figure out human psychology even though you have embossed degrees it is that simple.  It is like the founding fathers wrote that statement as a balancing sea saw.

I would not write any of this if I was not electronically harassed in my own home.  I saw what the device looked like, where it was and that memory will never change!

I think some of you in this country never realized that you had rights!  So indeed you got on the bandwagon of making money by abusing the rights of other people?  You WERE protected from the very beginning.

So how it works is like a series of false premises are created that do not really branch from one to the other until the monkey that wrote them falls out of the tree?  That is called a mixed metaphor.

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