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Monday, April 27, 2015

African Carribbean Immigrants to the UK have a 6 times higher rate of Schizophrenia 04 27 2015

African Caribbean Immigrants to the UK have a 6 times higher rate of Schizophrenia 04 27 2015

The word that describes the cause is Imperialism.

Now you know that I know that Schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

So what does that amount to?  UK based national racism!

Charles Summers, an American Abolitionist, stated it best in one of his speeches.   To the effect of the slave masters vocabulary coming directly from the minds of his traumatized slaves!

It is relevant in terms of the Dontre Hamilton shooting. 

So if I told you they wanted to eliminate blacks you would ask me why.

My answer would be that Imperialist UK has its sights on the Great Lakes!  And they want to start it in Milwaukee?

Look at the gestalt of this next image:

That is the gestalt of a fat English satanic seeing woman's cork hole.  Right there as a marker in the heart of Milwaukee!

It is orientated as if she has her sights on the Great Lakes.

It is also a British Flag!

The Irish have not had a flag since 1916!  Puts WWI and WWII into perspective.

That orange on the flag signifies Irish traitors to Great Britain!  That is why I have never bought that Irish Flag and I never will!

Match the orange on the Irish flag up to the orange on the British flag sculpture and you get the idea of the satanic money maker they use to take their money as well as conquer nations and men.

Put's the goal of normalizing gay marriage into perspective too.  They want to make it like it is in China whereby a woman doesn't succeed in business unless she has sex with the business mans son.  Accept it is more like the story of Lot where they want to have sex with your son before he makes it; normalization of homosexuality in marriage!

They're here, they're queer and they are full of junk DNA.

The UK has many of those Caribbean Islands as part of their domain.  Indeed they pumped the U.S. full of pot from Jamaica.  The blacks feel a great sense of nationalism with the UK.  UNTIL!  Until they move to England!!!  Then the truth comes out!

So how mentally depraved are the English really?  Due to Queen Victoria's influence on the U.S. all the boy's wore dresses and the girls pants here, until about 1920 when someone had the idea to ban alcohol and sober up the United States.

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