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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slate Blue Milky Water with no fish in it 04 14 2015

Slate Blue Milky Water with no fish in it 04 14 2015

Went fishing on the shore of Lake Michigan last night.

Very odd.  I started to wonder if it had been poisoned with laundry detergent.   But then I remember hearing the term Blue/Green algae.  So it must have been blue algae.  I have never seen blue algae in Lake Michigan before in my life!!!

But when I researched what is in the water of Lake Michigan it stated that there is diabetes medicine in the water out to a distance of two miles from shore in Milwaukee at levels not good for you.

So today when I went to get my mother a script for cholesterol I used my pharmacist question to ask her what are the possible side effects from diabetes medicine.  She told me dizziness and possibly low blood sugar. 

Last year I ended up at the Doctor for symptoms very similar to that after swimming in Lake Michigan.

But that isn't the only prescription drug in there.

They call them PPCP for Prescription and Personal Care Products chemicals in the water.

I believe that we need to hold the companies that make these drugs and their management personally liable for the damage to our Lake Michigan.  And those drugs are in the silt you walk on in the lake too!  And I mean we hold them liable to their personal assets.  They can live in apartment like structures for $29 in food stamps a month.  Apartments are perfect homes for those who behave and get ahead like a shrewdness of apes do.  However when one of us goes to live in one for some unexplainable reason  we end up hearing voices no one has an explanation for.  So we can put those who don't have an explanation back in that monkey apartment tree complex too.  Hey, it could be worse!

As to what is causing the blue algae; that is another topic for research.   It looked about the same color as milky blue laundry detergent.  And the thing I asked myself initially was who would do that to us?  Who would dump that in their to ruin the lake?  Was it done as an act of terrorism?  Would our Government do anything about it?  What boats are that big that might be questionable?  Then I thought it has to be blue algae even though I have lived here for 48 years and never seen milky blue algae like that in the lake before.

This right here is the only way we ever stop this from happening!  Sign this petition if you agree.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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