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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Pro Life Movement promotes Promiscuity 04 26 2015

The Pro Life Movement promotes Promiscuity  04 26 2015

Because it legitimates children born out of wedlock through the mandatory keeping of them; the pregnant mother is made to feel absolutely no shame!  None whatsoever!  Great way to get women voters to vote for you!!!

And what does it mean per the Lutheran religion when if you don't believe in their God you are subject to eternal damnation?  It means you will have the mentally retarded children talking to you in your head.  It means that you refused to pay the Reverend money on Sunday!   And that amounts to extortion doesn't it!  That also makes it s a British/Roman Invasion.

So Scott Walkers dad, a Reverend, believed in the Lord and ended up with Depression in 1996.  What are the odds Scott will get it too?  And what are the statistics of someone with Depression committing suicide?  They are fairly high aren't they.

And we don't know why Scott Walker dropped out of College, could he already have had a bought Depression, just like his father?

So he spends his lifetime trying to prove what can never be true really is true?

But this is who you highly value in the United States?  This is who you would give oodles of money to? 

People want to believe in religion over government?  Why?  Because they can pay for forgiveness in religion versus having to be punished for a crime by Government.  That isn't the worship of Jesus Christ it is the worship of Baal!!

Have you noticed that Great Britain see's this coming already and put up the we don't want any migrant immigrant workers sign?

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