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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Every Italian as their own Registered Charity 04 18 2015

Every Italian as their own Registered Charity 04 18 2015

When I was writing my first novel I went to the Marquette Church on Sunday.  I believe it was around Christmas.  I felt sorry for the celibate priests at the altar, as I too could be one myself.  So I put $5 in the collection hat when it came around. 

For about a week afterwards the voices seemed to lessen while I finished the novel.

The same phenomena seems to apply when you visit one of their restaurants or grocery stores.

So what is the point?  There ought to be a database of Italians listed as charities so that every morning when I get up I can tip one of them from my home computer and then it will get quiet with regard to the voices and I can get some work done to my true ability!

So indeed I like this idea; I think it might work and also bring about world peace.

If every Italian were listed as their own charity then I could donate to them first thing every morning and the voices would get quiet and I could get some work done to my true ability.

Whatever money I have I would be willing to give to charity for that!

I am not a racist, I would have or would marry a hot Italian woman if one was interested.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015

Maybe that daily fee could some how come out of Obama Care Mandatory Health Insurance Premiums?


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